Interview with Original Tuskegee Airman Col Charles McGee (USAF ret) 302nd Fighter Squadron

The following video is from the United States Naval Institute’s “Americans at War” collection. Through the eyes of those who were there, Americans at War® looks back at the moments when ordinary people were called to extraordinary heroism. These High-definition interviews offer intimate, one-on-one experiences. It’s a priceless understanding of the effects of war through harrowing personal accounts.

“They called it the double “V”, victory against Hitler in Europe and victory against racism at home. We would only attack if the German fighters made an approach to the bomber formation. We didn’t go off happy hunting to just try to get a victory. The leader would call out yellow four “you have a bogie at 11 o’clock high. You got it.” The German fighters turned off to avoid our fire. I was able to get behind one. Allowed me to get a good bead and good burst on the aircraft and, and the aircraft continued on into the ground. The legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen brought out values that are still important; dedication, determination, perseverance. They’re important to our American way of life. And I like to tell youngsters, as you improve in the things you do to improve your own life are also strengths for the country.”