The Military Retiree’s

Ready Reference

Of Telephone Numbers

Telephone numbers contained in this list were obtained
in February 2002 and their accuracy is not certain



Researched by  Mel Weiss

CWO-2, SC, USN, Ret. & GM-14, Ret.

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Government, Military, Veterans,

Commercial & Charitable Organizations


Organization                                                                                                              Phone Number

AAFES Catalog Sales                                                                                                 800-527-2345

AAFES Customer Service                                                                                          877-891-7827

AARP Customer Service                                                                                            800-424-3410

Airborne Express (Customer Service)                                                                       800-247-2676

Air Force Afterburner Newspaper                                                                             210-652-2126

Air Force Association                                                                                                  703-247-5810

Air Force Casualty Assistance                                                                                   800-558-1404

Air Force Enlisted Men’s Widows and Dependents Home Foundation                   904-651-9858

Air Force Magazine                                                                                                    703-247-5800

Air Force National Recruiting Center                                                                        800-423-8723

Air Force Retired Affairs                                                                                            800-531-7502

Air Force Retiree Services Branch                                                                            210-652-4663

Air Force Sergeants Association                                                                                301-899-3500

Air Force Times Newspaper                                                                                       800-368-5718

Air Force Village Foundation                                                                                      800-762-1122

Air Force Worldwide Locator Assistance (Active Duty Only)                                  210-565-2660

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)                                                                                       212-870-3400

Alliance of Women Veterans                                                                                      714-551-2329

Alzheimer’s Association                                                                                              800-272-3900

America Gold Star Mothers                                                                                       202-265-0991

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) (Customer Service)                  800-424-3410

American Cancer Society                                                                                           800-227-2345

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)                                                                    212-549-2500

American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor                                                          412-771-3956

American Ex-Prisoners of War Association                                                              817-649-2979

American Forces Services Corporation                                                                     703-528-5444

American Foundation for the Blind                                                                            800-232-5463

American GI Forum                                                                                                    303-458-1700

American Heart Association                                                                                       800-242-8721

American Legion                                                                                                         317-630-1200

American Lung Association                                                                                        800-478-7653

American Merchant Marine Veterans                                                                      941-549-1010

American Military Retirees Association                                                                   518-563-9479

American Military Society                                                                                          301-925-1420

American Red Cross                                                                                                   703-206-8512

American Stroke Association                                                                                     800-315-8700

American Veterans Commission                                                                                301-320-6490

American Veterans of WWII, Korea & Vietnam (AMVETS)                                  301-459-9600

American War Mothers                                                                                              202-362-0090

American WWII Orphans Network                                                                           360-733-1678

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Help Line                                                    800-514-0301

Organization                                                                                                              Phone Number

Arlington National Cemetery                                                                                     202-789-7013

Armed Forces Radio & Television Service (AFRTS)                                               909-413-2236

Army & Air Force Mutual Aid Association                                                               703-522-3060

Army & Navy Union, United States of America, Inc.                                               330-652-1612

Army, Air Force, Marines & Navy Times Publishing Company                              703-750-9000

Army Echoes Newspaper                                                                                            800-445-2049

Army National Recruiting Center                                                                              800-872-2769

Army Retired Affairs                                                                                                  800-336-4909

Army Women’s Museum                                                                                            804-734-4327

Army Worldwide Locator Assistance (Active Duty Only)                                        703-325-3732

Asbestos Veterans Assistance Information League (AVAIL)                                 281-681-1827

Association of Ex-POW of the Korean War                                                              513-426-5105

Association of the 199th Light Infantry                                                                      703-448-1999

Association of the United States Army (AUSA)                                                        800-336-4570

Automobile Association of America (AAA) (Customer Service)                              800-624-0100

Awards Information, Washington, DC                                                                       202-685-1770

Blinded Veterans Association                                                                                    202-462-4430

Blue Star Mothers of American, Inc.                                                                         301-949-0114

Brotherhood Rally of All Veterans                                                                            818-591-6300

Catholic War Veterans, United States of America, Inc.                                           703-549-3622

Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Help Line                                    800-311-3435

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services                                                             410-786-3000

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)                                                                             703-482-0623

CHAMPUS (Customer Service)                                                                                 303-361-1000

China Burma India Veterans Association                                                                  407-282-0346

Coast Guard National Recruiting Center                                                                  800-438-8724

Coast Guard Retired Affairs                                                                                      800-772-8724

Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)                                                                          202-606-2564

Combined National Veterans Association of America                                              202-543-2239

Congressional Medal of Honor Society                                                                     843-884-8136

Council of Better Business Bureaus                                                                          703-276-0100

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War                                                         307-638-8143

DEERS Verification Help Desk                                                                                 800-538-9552

Defense Commissary Agency (DeCa) Customer Service                                        800-294-2744

Defense Finance & Accounting Service, Cleveland, OH                                          800-346-3374

Department of Defense (DOD) Hot Line                                                                  800-424-9098

Department of Justice, Radiation Compensation Program                                      800-729-7327

Destroyer Escort Sailors Association                                                                        202-628-3400

DFAS Cleveland, OH (Retired Pay Customer Service)                                           800-321-1080

DFAS Denver, CO (Annuity Section)                                                                        800-435-3396

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)                                                                          859-441-7300

Eighth Army Historical Society                                                                                  949-552-3889

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)                                                                   800-424-8802

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Help Desk                           800-669-4000

European & Pacific Stars and Stripes Newspaper                                                    202-761-0945

Federal Aviation Administration (Customer Service)                                               800-322-7873

Organization                                                                                                              Phone Number

Federal Aviation Administration (Security/Safety Hot Line)                                    800-255-1111

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)                                                                       202-324-3000

Federal Communication Commission (FCC)                                                              888-225-5322

Federal Consumer Information Center (National Contact Center)                          800-333-4636

Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (Information Desk)                                800-633-4542

Federal Employees Retirement Service (Information Desk)                                   888-767-6738

Federal Election Commission                                                                                     800-424-9530

Federal Express (FEDEX) (Customer Service)                                                         800-463-3339

Federal Home Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae)                                                800-732-6643

Federal Home Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac)                                              800-373-3343

Federal Housing Administration                                                                                 800-225-5342

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service                                                             202-606-1800

Federal Student Air Information Center                                                                    800-433-3243

Federal Times Publishing Company                                                                           703-750-7400

Fisher House Foundation, Inc.                                                                                    888-294-8560

Fleet Reserve Association (FRA)                                                                              703-683-1400

Franco-American Wars Veterans Inc.                                                                       978-840-0445

GEICO Insurance Company (Customer Service)                                                     800-861-8380

Go For Broke National Veterans Association, Inc.                                                  619-779-9986

Gold Star Wives of America, Inc.                                                                               888-751-6350

Government Printing Office (Ordering Publications)                                                866-512-1800

GSA Office of Enterprise Development (Small Businesses)                                    202-501-1021

I. D. Cards (Air Force Retirees)                                                                                800-558-1404

I. D. Cards, Benefits and Eligibility                                                                           800-443-9297

“I Have A Dream” Foundation                                                                                  212-293-5480

Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS)                                                             800-375-5283

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (Help Line)                                                             800-829-1040

Italian American War Veterans of the United States of America                            407-366-3232

Jewish Defense League                                                                                              818-980-8535

Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America                                             202-265-6280

Korean War Missing POW-MIA Information (Air Force Personnel)                      800-531-5501

Korean War Missing POW-MIA Information (Army Personnel)                            800-892-2490

Korean War Missing POW-MIA Information (Marine Corps Personnel)              800-847-1597

Korean War Missing POW-MIA Information (Navy Personnel)                            800-443-9298

Korean War Veterans Association                                                                            937-426-5105

Legion of Valor of the United States of America, Inc.                                              805-692-2244

Library of Congress (Help Desk)                                                                               202-707-5000

LSM-LSMR Association                                                                                            413-774-2397

Make-A-Wish Foundation of America                                                                       800-722-9474

Marine Corps Exchange Headquarters                                                                     703-784-3809

Marine Corps League                                                                                                 703-207-9588

Marine Corps National Recruiting Center                                                                800-272-7391

Marine Corps Retired Affairs                                                                                    800-336-4649

Marine Corps Worldwide Locator Assistance (Active Duty Only)                          703-784-2507

MEDICARE (Customer Service)                                                                              800-633-4227

Merck-Medro Managed Care (Medicare Contracted Pharmacy)                          800-903-4680

Organization                                                                                                              Phone Number

Military Chaplains Association of the United States of America                             703-276-2189

Military Living Publications (Commercial Business)                                                703-237-0203

Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH)                                                            703-642-5360

Military Order of the World Wars                                                                             703-683-4911

NAM-POWS, Inc.                                                                                                       972-924-3337

National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division                                                                           770-587-2383

National Amputee Foundation, Inc.                                                                            516-887-3600

National Archives & Records Administration (NARA)                                            866-325-7208

National Association for Black Veterans, Inc.                                                          800-842-4597

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)                877-622-2798

National Association for Uniformed Military                                                            703-750-1342

National Association for Uniformed Services & National Society of Military        703-750-1342

National Association of Atomic Veterans (NAAV)                                                   505-877-3707

National Association of Black Military Women (NABMW)                                    708-534-3637

National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors                                                                 415-331-7757

National Association of Military Widows                                                                  703-527-4565

National Association of Radiation                                                                              800-798-5102

National Association of State Veterans                                                                     918-567-2251

National Association of Veterans Program Administrators                                      904-226-6350

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans                                                                202-546-1969

National Congress of Puerto Rican Veterans                                                           718-822-8077

National Contact Center (To Order A U.S. Flag)                                                      800-688-9889

National Gulf War Resource Center, Inc.                                                                 301-585-0519

National League of Families                                                                                       202-223-6846

National Life Insurance Program                                                                               800-669-8477

National Park Service (Golden Passes for Seniors)                                                  888-467-2757

National Park Service (Information Line)                                                                 202-208-6845

National Passport Information Center (NPIC)                                                          888-362-8668

National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)                                                            314-538-4141

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution                                         202-628-1776

National Society of New England Women Veterans                                                 415-924-3253

National Veterans Legal Services Program, Inc.                                                      202-265-8305

National Vietnam Veterans Coalition                                                                        202-338-6882

Naval Reserve Association                                                                                        703-548-5800

Naval Reserve Personnel Center (Records Section)                                                800-535-2699

Navy Active/Reserve Pay Center                                                                              800-346-3374

Navy Exchange (NEX) Headquarters                                                                        800-628-3924

Navy Federal Credit Union, Washington, DC                                                           800-336-3333

Navy League of the United States                                                                             703-528-1775

Navy Mutual Aid Association                                                                                    800-628-6011

Navy National Recruiting Center                                                                              800-872-6289

Navy Nurse Corps Association (NNCA)                                                                   360-675-9046

Navy Retired Activities Office                                                                                   800-255-8950

Navy Uniform Shop                                                                                                     800-368-4088

Navy Worldwide Locator Assistance (Active Duty Only)                                        901-874-3388

Non-Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA)                                                   210-653-6161

Organization                                                                                                              Phone Number

Office for Domestic Preparedness, Department of Justice                                      800-638-6498

Office of Personnel Management (OPM) (Job Hot Line)                                        478-744-2299

OSS-101 Association                                                                                                   650-493-4174

P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association                                                                          301-365-5018

Paralyzed Veterans of America                                                                                  800-424-8200

Peace Corps Information Desk                                                                                  800-424-8580

Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Inc.                                                                  703-549-4191

Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Washington, DC                                                     703-838-1563

Polish Legion of American Veterans, United States of America                              440-845-0119

Presidential Greetings, National Contact Center                                                      800-688-9889

Reserve Component SBP Section (Code 416)                                                           800-535-2699

Reserve Officers Association of the United States, Inc.                                          202-646-7715

Retired Military Pay Center                                                                                      800-321-1080

Ronald McDonald House Foundation                                                                        630-623-7048

Salvation Army National Headquarters                                                                     610-696-8746

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)                                                             800-732-0330

Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI)                                                       800-419-1473

Shift Colors Magazine (Navy)                                                                                    800-874-3154

Ships Historian, Washington, DC                                                                               202-433-3643

Small Business Administration (SBA) Answer Desk                                                800-827-5722

Social Security Administration (SSA)                                                                         800-772-1213

Stennis Center for Public Service                                                                               662-325-8409

Swords to Plowshares: Veterans Rights Organization                                              415-252-4788

The Center for Internee Rights, Inc.                                                                         305-864-2558

The Chosin Few                                                                                                           703-925-1549

The Corredigorians, USA, Inc.                                                                                   619-653-0422

The Forty & Eight (40et8)                                                                                          317-634-1804

The General and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation                                                800-554-5510

The Retired Enlisted Association                                                                               800-338-9337

The Retired Officers Association (TROA)                                                                800-245-8762

The Women in Military Service for America Memorial (WIMSA)                         800-222-2294

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Inc.                                                      202-588-8277

TRICARE Delta Dental Program                                                                              888-336-3260

TRICARE for Life Center (Benefits Information)                                                    888-363-5433

TRICARE Headquarters (Information)                                                                     303-676-3526

TRICARE Senior Pharmacy Program                                                                       877-363-6337

TRICARE Senior Prime (Central Region)                                                                800-371-6489

TRICARE Senior Prime (Gulf South Region)                                                           800-625-0211

TRICARE Senior Prime (Northeast Region)                                                            888-999-5195

TRICARE Senior Prime (Northwest Region)                                                           800-979-9667

TRICARE Senior Prime (Southern California Region)                                            800-979-9620

TRICARE Senior Prime (Southwest Region)                                                            800-937-6093

United Parcel Service (UPS) (Customer Service)                                                      800-742-5877

United Service Organization (USO)                                                                           202-610-5700

United Way National Headquarters                                                                           703-836-7100

USAA Claims Desk                                                                                                     800-531-8222

Organization                                                                                                              Phone Number

USAA Headquarters (Customer Service)                                                                  800-286-8257

USAA New Member Information                                                                               800-531-8080

U.S. Army Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS)                                               800-633-1128

U.S. Army Warrant Officers Association                                                                   703-742-7727

U.S. Census Bureau                                                                                                    888-325-7733

U.S. Copyright Office                                                                                                  202-707-3000

U.S. House of Representatives                                                                                  202-224-3121

U.S. Naval Home                                                                                                         800-332-3527

U.S. Navy Cruiser Sailors Association                                                                      508-824-0789

U.S. Merchant Marine Veterans of World War II                                                    310-519-9545

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office                                                                             800-786-9199

U.S. Savings Bonds (Information)                                                                              800-487-2663

U.S. Senate                                                                                                                  202-224-3121

U.S. Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Home                                                                             800-422-9988

U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II                                                                630-834-2718

VA Center for Women Veterans Help Desk                                                             800-827-1000

VA GI Bill Help Desk                                                                                                 888-442-4551

VA Gulf War/Agent Orange Help Desk                                                                    800-749-8387

VA Headstones & Markers Help Desk                                                                    800-697-6947

VA Health Care Benefits Help Desk                                                                         877-222-8387

VA Inspector General (Hot Line)                                                                               800-488-8244

VA National Service Life Insurance (NSL)                                                               800-669-8477

VA Regional Office Locator                                                                                       800-827-1000

VA Service Department Burial Benefits                                                                   800-697-6947

Veterans for Peace                                                                                                      207-773-1431

Veteran’s Group Life Insurance (VGLI)                                                                   800-419-1473

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)                                                                              800-756-3390

Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge                                                                           703-528-5403

Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.                                                                            800-843-8626

Veterans of WWI of the United States of America, Inc.                                           703-780-5660

Veterans United for a Strong America                                                                       859-254-7636

Veterans’ Widows International Network, Inc.                                                         303-693-4745

Vietnam Era Veterans Association                                                                            401-521-6710

Vietnam Veterans Institute                                                                                        843-538-8402

Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (VVAF)                                                   202-483-9222

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.                                                                            301-585-4000

Vietnam Women’s Memorial Project                                                                         800-222-2294

Vietnam Women Veterans (VWV)                                                                             800-217-8753

Western Union (Customer Service)                                                                           800-325-6000

Women’s Air Force Service Pilots, WWII                                                                 508-683-3720

Women’s Army Corps (WAC) Foundation                                                                256-820-3233

Women’s Army Corps Veterans Association                                                            206-820-6824

Women Marines Association                                                                                     888-525-1943

Women Veterans of America                                                                                     561-732-4596

Women’s Veterans Organizations

(Telephone Numbers Not Available)



Air Force Women Officers Association, PO Box 780155, San Antonio, TX  78278


All Navy Women's National Alliance, PO Box 147, Goldenrod, FL  32733-0147


Coast Guard/SPAR, Inc., 5904 Mt. Eagle Drive, Apt. 1616 Alexandria, VA  22303


Hispanic Women Veterans Coalition, PO Box 25047, Harper Woods, MI 48225-1825


National Organization of World War Nurses, 1509 Emilie Street, Green Bay, WI  54301

National Women Veterans Conference, Inc., 2902 Irving Street, Denver, CO  80211-6756

Retired Army Medical Specialist Corps Association, PO Box 39451, Serna Station, San          Antonio, TX 78268

Retired Army Nurse Corps Association, PO Box 681026, Serna Station, San Antonio, TX 78218-1235


Society of Retired Air Force Nurses, PO Box 681026 San Antonio, TX  78268

WASP, PO Box 9212, Ft. Wayne, IN  46809


Women Military Aviators, Inc., PO Box 46819, Washington, DC  20050-6819

Women Veterans of America, PO Box 290283, Homecrest Station, Brooklyn, NY 


Women's Overseas Service League, PO Box 7124, Washington, DC  20044-7124


WWII Flight Nurses Association, 2111 Spring Lake Road, Fruitland, FL 32731-5154

The Circle of Sisters, 827 Lowell Boulevard, Denver, CO  80204

United Women Veterans, 113 S. Orchard Street, Thiensville, WI  53092

Military Temporary Lodging, Armed Forces Recreation Centers, Navy Exchange Lodges,

MWR Lodging, Veterans Lodging, Foreign Military/Veterans Lodging, Condos, Cottages, Campgrounds, RV Parks, Military Recreation Areas, Golf Courses, Marinas, Travel Information, etc.


Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Aberdeen Army Proving Ground Lodging Office, Aberdeen, MD                           410-278-5148

Aberdeen Army Proving Ground Skipper’s Point Recreation Area, MD                410-278-5201

Adelaide Naval Military & Air Force Club, Adelaide, South Australia                  61-8-223-2422

AFRC Garmisch & Chiemsee, Germany (Central Lodging Reservations)           49-8821-79981

Air Force Community Services (Central CONUS Lodging Reservations)              888-235-6343

Altus Air Force Base Red River Inn, Altus, OK                                                       580-482-7144

Altus Air Force Base Golf Course, Altus, OK                                                           580-481-7207

Andersen Air Force Base Andersen Inn, Yigo, Guam                                              671-362-2081

Anderson Air Force Base Golf Course, Yigo, Guam DSN                                               366-4653

Andrews Air Force Base Gateway Inn, Clinton, MD                                                301-981-4614

Andrews Air Force Base Golf Course, Clinton, MD                                                 301-981-4404

Annapolis Naval Air Station Family Camp, Annapolis, MD                                     410-293-9200

Annapolis Naval Air Station Marina, Annapolis, MD                                              410-293-2058

Annapolis Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Annapolis, MD                                      410-757-7700

Annapolis Naval Air Station Retelle Recreation Park, Annapolis, MD                  410-293-9200

Ansbach 235th BSB Franconia Inn, Ansbach, Germany                                       49-98-029-5060

Area 51, Somewhere In The Nevada Desert                                                                     Unlisted

Army and Navy Club of London, London, United Kingdom                               44-207-930-9721

Army and Navy Club of Washington, DC (Military Affiliated)                                202-628-8400

Army Morale Welfare & Recreation (Central Lodging Reservations)                   800-462-7691

Arnold Air Force Base Wingo Inn, Tullahoma, OK                                                  931-454-3099

Arnold Air Force Base Golf Course, Tullahoma, OK                                               931-455-5870

Atlanta Naval Air Station Marina, Marietta, GA                                                     707-974-6309

Atsugi Naval Air Station Golf Course, Atsugi City, Japan                                    81-46-777-6749

Atsugi Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Atsugi City, Japan                               81-468-1950x6880

Aviano Air Base Mountain View Lodge, Aviano, Italy                                       39-0434-66-2306

Aviano Air Base Golf Course, Aviano, Italy                                                      39-0434-066-7386

Babenhausen 233rd BSB Railgunner’s Arms, Babenhausen, Germany               49-60-737-2880

Bamberg 279th BSB Bamberg Inn, Bamberg, Germany                                     49-951-300-8604

Bangor Naval Submarine Base Navy Lodge, Silverdale, WA                                 360-779-9100

Barbers Point Cottages & Campsites, Barbers Point, HI                                        808-684-6266

Barbers Point Golf Course, Barbers Point, HI                                                          808-682-1911

Barking Sands PMRF Beach Cottages, Barking Sands, Kauai, HI                        808-335-4111

Barksdale Air Force Base Barksdale Inn, Bossier City, LA                                   318-456-3091

Barksdale Air Force Base Golf Course, Bossier City, LA                                       318-456-2263

Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base Desert Rat RV Park, Barstow, CA           760-577-6211

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Barstow Marine Corps Logistics Base Oasis Lodge, Barstow, CA                         760-577-6418

Baumholder 222nd BSB Lagerhof Inn, Baumholder, Germany                        49-6783-999-3400

Beale Air Force Base Gold Country Inn, Yuba City, CA                                          530-634-3662

Beale Air Force Base Golf Course, Yuba City, CA                                                  530-634-2124

Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station de Treville House, Beaufort, SC                     843-522-1662

Bellevue Navy Housing Navy Lodge, Washington, DC                                           202-563-6950

Bethesda National Medical Center Navy Lodge, Bethesda, MD                           301-654-1795

Bolling Air Force Base Bolling Inn, Washington, DC                                               202-767-5316

Borinquen Coast Guard Air Station Guest Cottages, Aquadilla, PR                       787-890-8492

Brookley Center (Military Affiliated), University of Alabama, Mobile, AL           888-222-3991

Brooks Army Medical Center Brooks Inn, San Antonio, TX                                   210-536-1844

Brooks Army Medical Center Fisher House, San Antonio, TX                       210-225-4855x101

Brooks Air Force Base Golf Course, San Antonio, TX                                            210-229-2636

Brunswick Naval Air Station Golf Course, Brunswick, ME                                     207-921-2155

Brunswick Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Brunswick, ME                                     207-921-2206

Camp Carlson Army Travel Camp, Fort Knox, KY                                                  502-624-4836

Camp Carroll Lodging Office, South Korea                                                         82-055-974-7722

Camp David (Presidential Temp Lodging), Catoetin Mountain Park, MD                      Unlisted

Camp LeJeune Marine Corps Base Hostess House, Camp LeJeune, NC             910-451-3041

Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base Ward Lodging, Camp Pendleton, CA           760-725-5304

Camp Pendleton MCB Lake O’Neill Recreation Park, Camp Pendleton, CA        760-725-4111

Camp San Luis Obispo National Guard Rec Quarters, San Luis Obispo, CA        805-594-6500

Camp Shelby Army NG Training Site Campgrounds, Hattiesburg, MS                  601-558-2540

Cannon Air Force Base Caprock Inn, Clovis, NM                                                   505-784-2918

Cannon Air Force Base Golf Course, Clovis, NM                                                    505-784-2800

Cape Cod Temporary Quarters, Coast Guard Station, Oak Bluff, MA                  508-968-6461

Camp Casey 19th TSC Casey Lodge, Camp Casey, South Korea                      82-031-869-4247

Camp Darby 22nd AST Casa Toscana Guest House, Livorno, Italy                     39-050-547-580

Camp Hanson Marine Corps Base Hanson Lodge, Okinawa                             81-611-723-4511

Cape Hatteras Rec Quarters, Coast Guard Station, Cape Hatteras, NC               252-995-3676

Cape Henry Inn and Travel Camp, Fort Story, Virginia Beach, VA                        757-422-8818

Camp Henry Lodging Office, Taegu, South Korea                                              82-053-470-7040

Camp Hialeah Lodging Office, Pusan, South Korea                                            82-051-801-3668

Camp Humphreys Lodging Office, Pyongtaek, South Korea                              82-031-690-7355

Camp LeJeune Marine Corps Base Hostess House, Camp LeJeune, NC             910-451-3041

Camp LeJeune MCB Beach Campsites & Rec Area, Camp LeJeune, NC            910-451-7473

Camp Lester Marine Corps Base Kuwee Lodge, Okinawa                                81-611-745-9102

Camp Pendleton Del Mar Beach Cottages/Campsites, Camp Pendleton, CA        760-725-4111

Camp Pendleton San Onofre Recreation Beach, Camp Pendleton, CA                   760-725-7935

Camp Zama Army Lodging Office, Zama City, Japan                                         81-3117-63-3830

Cape May Coast Guard Training Center Lodging Office, Cape May, NJ              609-898-6922

Cape May Coast Guard Temporary Housing Facility, Cape May, NJ                   609-898-6922

Carlisle Barracks Army Lodging Office, Carlisle, PA                                              717-245-4245

Carlisle Barracks Army Golf Course, Carlisle, PA                                                   717-243-3262

Center for Disease Control & Prevention Traveler’s Health Hot Line                   877-394-8747

Cercle National Des Armees (Military Affiliated), Paris France                        33-1-44-90-2626

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Channel Island Coast Guard Campground, Oxnard, CA                                          805-984-7705

Charles Melvin Price Support Center Lodging Office, Granite City, IL                 618-452-4287

Charleston Air Force Base Inns of Charleston, Charleston, SC                              843-552-3806

Charleston Air Force Base Golf Course, Charleston, SC                                         843-953-4177

Charleston Naval Station Navy Lodge, Charleston, SC                                           843-747-7676

Charleston NWS Redbank Plantation Golf Course, Charleston, SC                       803-764-7802

Cheatham Annex NSC Deer Cove Golf Course, Williamsburg, VA                        757-887-7101

Cheatham Annex NSC Recreation Cabins & RV Park, Williamsburg, VA            757-887-7224

Cherry Point Marine Corps Station Family Camp, Cherry Point, NC                     919-466-2197

Chesapeake NSGA Stewart Campground, Chesapeake, VA                                   804-421-8000

Chievres (SHAPE) 80th ASG Hotel Maisiers, Chievres, Belgium                           32-6573-9300

China Lake Naval Weapons Station Golf Course, China Lake, CA                        760-939-2990

City and Civil Service Club, Cape Town, South Africa                                           27-21-23-8110

Cliffside RV Park, Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor, WA               360-257-2211

Columbus Air Force Base Magnolia Inn, Columbus, MS                                         662-434-2372

Columbus Golf Course, Columbus Air Force Base, Columbus, MS                        601-434-7932

Coon’s Creek Recreation Area, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL                   813-840-6919

Copper Top Inn, 414th Base Support Battalion, Gelnhausen, Germany                  49-6181-9550

Corpus Christi NAS Gulf Winds Golf Course, Corpus Christi, TX                          512-939-3250

Corpus Christi NAS Shields Park Rec Area, Corpus Christi, TX                            361-961-1294

Corpus Christi Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Corpus Christi, TX                        512-937-6361

Camp Courtney Marine Corps Base Courtney Lodge, Okinawa                       81-611-722-9578

Crane NSWCD Boat Marina, Crane, IN                                                                  812-854-3947

Crane NSWCD MWR Campgrounds, Crane, IN                                                     812-854-1225

Croughton Air Base Temporary Lodging, RAF Oxford, United Kingdom           44-280-70-8055

Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard Family Transient Lodging, Curtis Bay, MD            410-636-7373

Cutler Naval Computer Telecommunications Campgrounds, Cutler, ME               207-259-8229

Cuttyhunk Island Coast Guard Station Rec Area, Cuttyhunk Island, MA             617-223-3181

Dalhgren Naval Surface Warfare Center Golf Course, Dalhgren, VA                    540-663-3002

Dam Neck FCTCL Navy Sea Mist RV Campground, Virginia Beach, VA            757-492-7545

Dam Neck FCTCL Navy Lodge, Dam Neck, VA                                                     757-437-8100

Darmstadt 233rd BSB Patriot Inn, Darmstadt, Germany                                       49-6151-96430

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Inns on Davis-Monthan, Tucson, AZ                    520-228-3230

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Golf Course, Tucson, AZ                                       520-228-3734

Dauphin Island Coast Guard Recreation Complex, Dauphin Island, AL                334-861-7113

Defense Distribution Depot Riverview Golf Course, Susquehanna, PA                 717-770-5199

Denver VA Medical Center Fisher House, Denver, CO                                          303-364-4616

Dobbins Air Reserve Base Dobbins Inn, Marietta, GA                                           770-919-4745

Dover Air Force Base Eagles Rest Inn, Dover, DE                                                 302-677-2841

Dover Air Force Base Golf Course, Dover, DE                                                        302-677-6039

Dragon Hill Hotel (AFRC/Army), Seoul, South Korea                                            82-2-790-0016

Dugway Army Proving Ground Lodging Office, Dugway, UT                                  438-831-2333

Dyess Air Force Base Dyess Inn, Abilene, TX                                                         915-696-2681

Dyess Air Force Base Golf Course, Abilene, TX                                                      915-696-5067

Eagle Eye Golf Course, DCSC, Columbus, OH                                                        614-692-2075

East India Club, London, United Kingdom                                                          44-207-930-1000

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Edwards Air Force Base Lodging Office, Rosamond, CA                                        661-277-3394

Edwards Air Force Base Golf Course, Rosamond, CA                                             661-277-3467

Edzell Naval Sec. Grp. Activity Navy Lodge, RAF Edzell, Scotland                      44-3-566-4633

Eglin Air Force Base High Desert Inn, Niceville, FL                                               850-882-8761

Eglin Air Force Base Golf Course, Valparaiso, FL                                                   850-882-2949

Eielson Air Force Base Gold Rush Inn, Fairbanks, AK                                           907-377-3522

El Centro Naval Air Facility Navy Lodge, El Centro, CA                                        619-339-2478

El Centro Naval Air Facility MWR Campground, El Centro, CA                            619-339-2699

Elizabeth City Coast Guard Station Lodging Office, Elizabeth City, NJ                 252-335-6886

Ellsworth Air Force Base Pine Tree Inn, Rapid City, SD                                         605-385-1362

Ellsworth Air Force Base Golf Course, Rapid City, SD                                           605-923-4999

Elmendorf Air Force Base North Star Inn, Anchorage, AK                                     907-753-6110

Elmendorf Air Force Base Golf Course, Anchorage, AK                                         907-552-3821

Everett Naval Station Marina, Everett, WA                                                             425-304-3449

Everett Naval Station Navy Lodge, Maysville, WA                                                 360-653-6390

Fairchild Air Force Base Clear Lake Rec Area, Clear Lake, WA                          509-247-2511

Fairchild Air Force Base Fairchild Inn, Spokane, WA                                              509-244-2290

Fairford Air Base The Stirling House, RAF Cirencester, UK                            44-128-571-6100

Fallon Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Fallon, NV                                                    702-426-2489

Fallon Naval Air Station RV Park & Recreation Area Fallon, NV                          702-426-5162

F. E. Warren Air Force Base Crow Creek Inn, Cheyenne, WY                               307-773-1844

F. E. Warren Air Force Base Golf Course, Cheyenne, WY                                      307-775-3556

Fort A. P. Hill Dolly Hill House, Port Royal, VA                                                      804-633-8335

Fort A.P. Hill Recreation Facility, Lodge & Cottages, Bowling Green, VA            804-633-8219

Fort Belvoir Lodging Office, Alexandria, VA                                                            703-805-2333

Fort Benning Destin Recreation Area, Columbus, GA                                             800-642-0466

Fort Benning Lodging Office, Columbus, GA                                                            706-689-0067

Fort Benning Follow Me Golf Course, Columbus, GA                                              706-687-1940

Fort Benning Uchee Creek Campground, Fort Benning, GA                                   706-545-7238

Fort Bliss Lodging Services, El Paso, TX                                                                  915-565-7777

Fort Bliss General V. Underwood Golf Course, El Paso, TX                                   915-562-7255

Fort Bliss RV Park & Family Campgrounds, El Paso, TX                                       915-568-0106

Fort Bliss William Beaumont Medical Center Fisher House, El Paso, TX             915-569-1860

Fort Bragg Airborne Inn, Fayetteville, NC                                                                910-396-5575

Fort Bragg Stryker Golf Course, Fayetteville, NC                                                   919-497-1752

Fort Bragg Womack Army Medical Center Fisher House, Fort Bragg, NC           910-432-1486

Fort Buchanan Lodging Office, San Juan, Puerto Rico                                            787-792-7977

Fort Campbell Turner Guest House, Hopkinsville, KY                                            270-439-2229

Fort Campbell Cole Park Golf Course, Hopkinsville, KY                                        502-798-4906

Fort Carson Colorado Inn, Colorado Springs, CO                                                    719-526-4832

Fort Carson Golf Course, Colorado Springs, CO                                                      719-579-4122

Fort Detrick Lodging Office, Frederick, MD                                                            301-619-2154

Fort Dix Lodging Office, Wrightstown, NJ                                                                609-562-3188

Fort Drum The Inn at Fort Drum, Watertown, NY                                                    315-772-9683

Fort Eustis Lodging Office, Newport News, VA                                                        757-878-1379

Fort Eustis Pines Golf Course, Newport News, VA                                                  757-878-2965

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Fort Eustis Travel Camp, Newport News, VA                                                           757-878-3694

Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC                      910-458-6549

Fort Gillem Lodging Office, Forest Park, GA                                                           404-464-2253

Fort Gordon Army Recreation Area, Augusta, GA                                                   706-541-1057

Fort Gordon Dwight D. Eisenhower Med Cen Fisher House, Ft. Gordon, GA       706-787-7100

Fort Gordon Lakes Golf Course, Augusta, GA                                                         706-791-2433

Fort Gordon Stinson Hall, Augusta, GA                                                                    800-462-7691

Fort Gordon Whispering Pines Lodge & Recreation Area, Augusta, GA               706-541-1057

Fort Hamilton Jefferson Guest House, New York City, NY                                     718-836-4348

Fort Hood Darnall Community Hospital Fisher House, Fort Hood, TX                   254-286-7927

Fort Hood Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area, Fort Hood, TX                         254-287-2523

Fort Hood Poxon Guest House, Killeen, TX                                                             254-532-5157

Fort Huachuca Apache Flats Campgrounds, Sierra Vista, AZ                                 520-533-7085

Fort Huachuca Golf Course, Sierra Vista, AZ                                                           602-538-7111

Fort Huachuca Guest House, Sierra Vista, AZ                                                         602-533-5950

Fort Hunter-Liggett Lodging Office, Jolan, CA                                                        831-386-2511

Fort Hunter-Liggett San Lucas Recreation Center, Jolan, CA                                831-386-2406

Fort Irwin National Training Center Lodging Office, Barstow, CA                         619-380-4599

Fort Jackson Golf Course, Columbia, SC                                                                  803-787-4344

Fort Jackson Lodging Office, Columbia, SC                                                             800-276-6984

Fort Jackson Weston Lake Army Recreation Area, Fort Jackson, SC                   803-751-5253

Fort Knox Anderson/Lindsey Golf Course, Radcliff, KY                                         502-943-9929

Fort Knox Campgrounds, RV Park and Cabins, Radcliff,  KY                                 502-624-4836

Fort Knox Lodging Office, Radcliff, KY                                                                    502-942-0490

Fort Leavenworth Lodging Office, Leavenworth, KS                                               913-651-9522

Fort Leavenworth Trails West Golf Course, Leavenworth, KS                               913-651-7176

Fort Lee Cardinal Golf Course, Petersburg, VA                                                       801-734-1228

Fort Lee Lodging & Guest House, Petersburg, VA                                                  800-403-8533

Fort Leonard Wood Lake of the Ozarks Rec Area, Linn Creek, MO                     573-346-5640

Fort Leonard Wood Lodging Office, St. Robert, MO                                               800-677-8356

Fort Leonard Wood Piney Valley Golf Course, St. Robert, MO                             573-329-4770

Fort Lewis Golf Course, Fort Lewis, WA                                                                  253-967-6522

Fort Lewis Lodging Office, Pierce County, WA                                                        253-964-0211

Fort Lewis Madigan Medical Center Fisher House, Fort Lewis, WA                     253-964-9283

Fort Lewis Travel Camp, Fort Lewis, WA                                                                 253-967-5415

Fort McCoy Lodging Office, Tomah, WI                                                                   800-982-3585

Fort McCoy Pineview Army Recreation Area, Tomah, WI                                      608-388-3517

Fort McNair Golf Course, Washington, DC                                                              202-685-3138

Fort McNair Lodging Office, Washington, DC                                                         703-696-3577

Fort McPherson Golf Course, Atlanta, GA                                                               404-752-2118

Fort McPherson Lodging Office, Atlanta, GA                                                           404-464-3833

Fort McPherson The Commons Golf Course, Atlanta, GA                                      404-464-2178

Fort Meade Golf Course, Laurel, MD                                                                      301-677-4308

Fort Meade Guest House, Laurel, MD                                                                     410-672-1929

Fort Meade Lodging Office, Laurel, MD                                                                  301-677-6529

Fort Monmouth Golf Course, Eatontown, NJ                                                            908-389-9211

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Fort Monmouth Lodging Office, Eatontown, NJ                                                       732-532-1092

Fort Monroe Armistead Hall, Fort Monroe, VA                                                       757-788-2128

Fort Myer Lodging Office, Arlington, VA                                                                 703-696-3577

Fort Picket Lodging Office, Blackstone, VA                                                             434-292-2443

Fort Polk Lodging Office, Leesville, LA                                                                    337-531-9200

Fort Polk Warrior Hills Golf Course, Leesville, LA                                                 318-531-2941

Fort Richardson Black Spruce Travel Camp, Anchorage, AK                                 907-384-1476

Fort Richardson Lodging Office, Anchorage, AK                                                     907-384-0421

Fort Richardson Moose River Golf Course, Anchorage, AK                                  907-428-0056

Fort Richardson Seward Resort, Anchorage, AK                                                     800-770-1858

Fort Riley Lodging Office, Junction City, KS                                                            785-239-2830

Fort Rucker Golf Course, Dothan, AL                                                                      205-598-2449

Fort Rucker Guest House, Dothan, AL                                                                     334-598-5216

Fort Sam Houston Lodging Office, San Antonio, TX                                      210-357-2705x5010

Fort Shafter Lodging Office, Honolulu, HI                                                                808-839-2336

Fort Shafter Walter J. Nagorski Golf Course, Honolulu, HI                                    808-438-9587

Fort Sill Golf Course, Lawton, OK                                                                             580-353-0411

Fort Sill Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area, Lawton, OK                                  580-442-5541

Fort Sill Lodging Office, Lawton, OK                                                                        580-442-5000

Fort Stewart Golf Course, Fort Stewart, GA                                                             912-767-2370

Fort Stewart Lodging Office, Fort Stewart, GA                                                         912-368-4184

Fort Tuthill-Luke Air Force Base Recreation Area, Flagstaff, AZ                          800-552-6268

Fort Wadsworth Coast Guard Station Guest Quarters, Staten Island, NY             718-354-4407

Fort Wainright Birch Hill Ski & Snowboard Area, Fairbanks, AK                          907-353-9131

Fort Wainright Chena Golf Course, Fairbanks, AK                                                  907-353-6223

Fort Wainright Lodging Office, Fairbanks, AK                                                         907-353-7291

Fort Worth Naval Air Station Lodging Office, Fort Worth, TX                                817-782-5449

Friedberg 284BSB Friedberg Guest House, Friedberg, Germany                       49-60-317-3380

Garmisch 6th Area Support Group Loisach Inn, Garmisch, Germany                  49-88-215-3396

Garmisch 6th ASG Marshall Center Hotel, Garmisch, Germany                          49-88-215-3396

General Mitchell International Airport (AF Lodging), Milwaukee, WI                   414-482-5702

Giessen 284th Base Support Battalion Guest House, Giessen, Germany         49-641-943-6666

Goodfellow Air Force Base Angelo Inn, San Angelo, TX                                         915-654-3332

Grafenwoehr 409th BSB Golf Course, Grafenwoehr, Germany                          49-9641-83-8535

Grafenwoehr 409th BSB Tower Inn, Grafenwoehr, Germany                             49-964-193-0103

Grand Forks Air Force Base Warrior Inn, Emerado, ND                                        701-747-7051

Grand Forks Air Force Base Golf Course, Emerado, ND                                        701-747-4279

Grays Coast Guard Station Westport Recreation Park, Grays Harbor, WA          360-268-0121

Greater Pittsburgh AF Reserve Station Lodging Office, Coraopolis, PA                412-474-8229

Great Lakes Naval Training Center Golf Course, Great Lakes, IL                       701-747-4279

Great Lakes Naval Training Center Marina, Great Lakes, IL                               847-688-5417

Great Lakes Naval Training Center Navy Lodge, Great Lakes, IL                       708-689-1485

Grissom Air Force Reserve Base Grissom Inn, Peru, IN                                        765-688-2844

GSA Best Available Lodging Values (Commercial Hotels Worldwide)                   415-522-4671

Guam Naval Communication Station Admiral Nimitz Golf Course, Guam                  53-99-2345

Guam Naval Station Sumay Cove Marina, Agana, Guam                                     67-1-564-1846

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Guantanamo Bay Naval Station Marina, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba                              53-99-2345

Guantanamo Bay Naval Station Navy Lodge, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba                     53-99-3103

Gulfport Naval Construction Battalion Center Navy Lodge, Gulfport, MS            601-864-3101

Gulfport Naval CBC Pine Bayou Navy Golf Course, Gulfport, MS                        601-871-2124

Hale Koa Hotel (AFRC/Army), Honolulu, HI                                                           800-367-6027

Hanau 414th BSB New Argonner Inn, Hanau, Germany                                         49-6181-9550

Hanscom Air Force Base Fourth Cliff Recreation Park, Bedford, MA                   800-468-9547

Hanscom Air Force Base Hanscom Inn, Bedford, MA                                             781-377-2112

Hanscom Air Force Base Golf Course, Bedford, MA                                              781-687-3114

Hardy Barracks Army Lodging Office, Tokyo, Japan                                         81-311-729-3270

Hardy Barracks Navy Exchange & Garage, Tokyo, Japan                                 81-33-440-7881

Heidelberg 26th ASG PHV Guest House, Heidelberg, Germany                      49-6221-795-1009

Hickam Air Force Base Bellows Recreation Area Beach Cottages, HI                  800-437-2607

Hickam Air Force Base Bellows Recreation Area Camp Sites, HI                         808-259-4121

Hickam Air Force Base Golf Course, Honolulu, HI                                                  808-449-2525

Hickam Air Force Base Harbor Recreation Area, Honolulu, HI                             808-471-7110

Hickam Air Force Base Royal Alaka’i, Honolulu, HI                                               808-448-5000

Hill Air Force Base Mountain View Inn, Ogden, UT                                                801-777-0802

Hill Air Force Base Golf Course, Ogden, UT                                                            801-777-3272

Hohenfels 282nd BSB Sunrise Lodge, Hohenfels, Germany                              49-947-295-0155

Holloman Air Force Base Golf Course, Alamogordo, NM                                       505-572-3574

Holloman Air Force Base Holloman Inn, Alamogordo, NM                                     505-475-3468

Homestead Air Force Reserve Station Homestead Inn, Homestead, FL                305-224-7168

Hong Kong United Services Club, Kowloon, Hong Kong                                       852-2367-0672

Hunter Army Airfield Lodging Office, Savannah, GA                                              912-355-1060

Hurlburt Air Force Field Commando Inn, Fort Walton Beach, FL                           850-884-3249

Hurlburt Air Force Field Golf Course, Fort Walton Beach, FL                                850-581-0007

Incirlik Air Base Golf Course, Incirlik, Turkey                                                   90-322-316-8995

Incirlik Air Base Hodja Inn, Adana, Turkey                                                       90-322-316-9356

Indian Head NSWC Golf Course, Indian Head, MD                                                301-743-4662

Indian Head NSWC Marina, Indian Head, MD                                                       301-743-4850

Indian Springs Air Force Facility Lodging Office, Indian Springs, NV                    702-652-0401

Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station Monzen Lodge, Iwakuni, Japan                  81-611-753-3221

Izmir Air Force Base Grand Mercure Hotel, Izmir, Turkey                              90-232-489-4090

Jacksonville NAS Casa Linda Oaks Golf Course, Jacksonville, FL                       904-772-3249

Jacksonville Naval Air Station Marina, Jacksonville, FL                                        904-542-3260

Jacksonville Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Jacksonville, FL                                904-772-6000

Jacksonville Naval Air Station RV Park, Jacksonville, FL                                      904-452-3227

Jim Creek Navy Regional Outdoor Recreation Area, Arlington, WA                     888-463-6697

Kadena Air Base Golf Course, Koza City, Okinawa, Japan                               81-611-734-7528

Kadena Air Base Okuma Beach Resort, Okinawa, Japan                                 81-098-041-5164

Kadena Air Base Shogun Inn, Koza City, Okinawa, Japan                                81-611-732-1100

Kaneohe MCAS Bay Beach Cottages and Campsites, Kaneohe, HI                      808-254-2806

Kaneohe MCAS Bay Clipper Golf Course, Kaneohe, HI                                        808-254-1745

Kaneohe MCAS Lodge at Kaneohe Bay, Kaneohe, HI                                           808-254-2806

Keesler Air Force Base Golf Course, Biloxi, MS                                                     228-377-3832

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Keesler Air Force Base Inns of Keesler, Biloxi, MS                                               228-377-9986

Keflavik Naval Station Navy Lodge, Keflavik, Iceland                                             354-25-7596

Kelly Air Force Base Golf Course, San Antonio, TX                                                210-977-5100

Kelly Air Force Base Kelly Inns, San Antonio, TX                                                   210-925-1844

Key West Naval Air Station Marine, Key West, FL                                                305-293-2402

Key West Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Key West, FL                                        305-292-7556

Key West Naval Air Station Sigsbee RV Park, Key West, FL                                888-539-7697

Key West NAS Trumbo Point Camp Sites & Lodging, Key West, FL                    305-293-5000

Key West Naval Air Station White Street Vacation Rentals, Key West, FL         305-293-4431

Kilauea Military Camp (KMC) (Army), Volcanoes National Park, HI                   808-967-8334

Kirtland Air Force Base Golf Course, Albuquerque, NM                                        505-846-1169

Kirtland Air Force Base Kirtland Inn, Albuquerque, NM                                        505-846-9652

Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base Golf Course, Kings Bay, GA                  912-673-2001x8476

Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base Navy Lodge, Kings Bay, GA                            912-882-6868

Kingsville Naval Air Station Lodging Office, Kingsville, TX                                   512-516-6321

Kitzingen 417th BSB Woodland Inn, Kitzingen, Germany                                  49-932-130-5600

Kodiak Coast Guard Station Guest House, Kodiak, AK                                      907-487-5446x1

Kunsan Air Base Golf Course, Kunsan City, South Korea                                 82-654-470-5435

Kunsan Air Base Seaside Inn, Kunsan City, South Korea                                 82-654-470-4604

Kuree Army Depot Lodging Office, Kuree, Japan                                              81-311-756-2520

Kwajalein Atoll (Army) Kwaj Lodge, Marshall Islands                                            805-355-3211

Lackland Air Force Base Gateway Inn, San Antonio, TX                                        210-671-4277

Lackland Air Force Base Golf Course, San Antonio, TX                                         210-671-2516

Lackland Air Force Base Lake Amistad Recreation Area, Del Rio, TX                210-775-5971

Lajes Field Air Base Mid Atlantic Inn, Azores (Portugal)                            351-95-54-01005178

Lake Allatoona Army Recreation Area & Marina, Cartersville, GA                      770-974-3413

Lake Tahoe Coast Guard Station North Shore Condos, Lake Tahoe, CA              510-437-3578

Lake Tahoe Coast Guard Station South Shore Condos, Lake Tahoe, CA              510-437-3578

Lakehurst NAEC Golf Course, Lakehurst, NJ                                                         732-323-7483

Lakenheath Air Base Golf Course, RAF Brandon, United Kingdom                  44-1638-522223

Lakenheath Air Base Liberty Lodge, RAF Brandon, United Kingdom              44-163-852-6713

Lake Tahoe Coast Guard Recreational Facility, Tahoe City, CA                           530-583-7438

Landstuhl Air Force Hospital Ramstein Inn, Landstuhl, Germany                   49-637-1907-4610

Langley Air Force Base Golf Course, Hampton, VA                                                804-764-2501

Langley Air Force Base Langley Inns, Hampton, VA                                              757-764-4667

Laughlin Air Force Base Golf Course, Del Rio, TX                                                 210-298-5451

Laughlin Air Force Base Laughlin Manor, Del Rio, TX                                           830-298-5741

Lemoore Naval Air Station Campgrounds, Lemoore, CA                                        559-997-8983

Lemoore Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Lemoore, CA                                           209-998-5791

Little Creek NAB Eagle Haven Golf Course, Little Creek, VA                              757-464-8526

Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base Marina, Little Creek, VA                             757-464-7140

Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base Navy Lodge, Norfolk, VA                            804-464-6215

Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base RV Park, Little Creek, VA                          757-462-7282

Little Rock Air Force Base Golf Course, Jacksonville, AR                                     501-987-6825

Little Rock Air Force Base Razorback Inn, Jacksonville, AR                                501-987-6652

Los Angeles Air Force Base Fort MacArthur Inn, El Segundo, CA                        310-363-8296

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Luke Air Force Base Fighter Country Inn, Glendale, AZ                                         623-935-2641

Luke Air Force Base Golf Course, Glendale, AZ                                                     623-535-8355

MacDill Air Force Base Golf Course, Tampa, FL                                                    813-840-6904

MacDill Air Force Base MacDill Inn, Tampa, FL                                                    813-828-2617

Malcolm Grow Medical Center Fisher House, Andrews AFB, VA                          301-981-1243

Malmstrom Air Force Base Malmstrom Inn, Great Falls, MT                                406-731-8600

Mannheim 293rd BSB Franklin Guest House, Mannheim, Germany                 49-621-730-9218

Marathon Coast Guard Air Station Recreation Cottages, Marathon, FL               305-743-3549

March Air Force Base March Inn, Riverside, CA                                                    909-655-3347

Marietta Naval Air Station Lake Allatoona Recreation Site, Marietta, GA          770-974-6309

Marine Memorial Club & Hotel (Military Affiliated), San Francisco, CA              415-673-6672

Martha’s Vineyard Coast Guard Station Rec Hsg Facility, Oak Bluff, MA           505-968-6446

Martinez Lake Recreation Area, Martinez Lake, AZ                                              520-341-2278

Mayport Naval Station Golf Course, Mayport, FL                                                  904-270-5380

Mayport Naval Station Navy Lodge, Mayport, FL                                                  904-270-5554

Mayport Naval Station Pelican Roost RV Park, Mayport, FL                                904-270-5221

Maxwell Air Force Base Golf Course, Montgomery, AL                                         334-953-2209

Maxwell Air Force Base Lake Martin Campgrounds, Montgomery, AL               334-953-1110

Maxwell Air Force Base University Inn, Montgomery, AL                                     334-953-2055

McConnell Air Force Base Air Capital Inn, Wichita, KS                                         316-612-6999

McConnell Air Force Base Golf Course, Wichita, KS                                              316-759-4036

McChord Air Force Base Evergreen Inn, Tacoma, WA                                           253-984-1471

McChord Air Force Base Golf Course, Tacoma, WA                                              253-982-4927

McClellan Air Force Base McClellan Inn, Sacramento, CA                                    916-643-3267

McGhee Tyson Air Force Base McGhee Tyson Inn, Knoxville, TN                      865-985-3300

McGuire Air Force Base All American Inn, Wrightstown, NJ                                 609-754-3336

McGuire Air Force Base Golf Course, Wrightstown, NJ                                         609-754-2169

Mechanicsburg NIC Navy Golf Course, Mechanicsburg, PA                        717-790-3948x2628

Melbourne Naval and Military Club, Melbourne, Australia                                61-39-650-4741

Memphis Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Memphis, TN                                         901-872-0121

Memphis Naval Air Station Lake Camping & RV Area, Millington, TN               901-872-3660

Memphis Naval Support Activity Glen Eagles Golf Course, Memphis, TN           901-874-5168

Meridian Naval Air Station Ponta Creek Golf Course, Meridian, MS                   601-679-2526

Mildenhall Air Base Gateway Inn, RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom              44-163-854-6086

Minneapolis/St. Paul Air Force Base Lodging, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN             812-726-1983

Minneapolis VA Medical Center Fisher House, Minneapolis, MN                        612-725-2106

Minot Air Force Base Golf Course, Minot, SD                                                        701-723-3164

Minot Air Force Base Sakakawea Inn, Minot, ND                                                  701-723-6161

Miramar MCAS Big Bear Recreation Facility, Big Bear Lake, CA                       858-577-4141

Miramar Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Inn, San Diego, CA                          858-271-7111

Misawa Air Base Golf Course, Misawa City, Japan                                              DSN 226-9000

Misawa Air Base Misawa Inn, Misawa City, Japan                                           81-311-762-1299

Moffett Field Naval Reserve Air Station Navy Lodge, Moffett Field, CA             415-962-1542

Moleswort Air Base Lodging Office, RAF Huntington, UK                                44-148-082-6000

Monterey Naval Postgraduate School Golf Course, Monterey, CA                       408-656-2167

Monterey Naval Post Graduate School Navy Lodge, Monterey, CA                     831-372-6133

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Monterey NPGS Monterey Pines RV Campground, Monterey, CA                      831-656-4029

Moody Air Force Base Golf Course, Valdosta, GA                                                  912-257-3297

Moody Air Force Base Moody Inn, Valdosta, GA                                                   912-257-3893

Moron Air Force Base Hotel Frontera, Moron, Spain                                         34-95-584-8098

Mountain Home Air Force Base Family Camping, Mountain Home, ID                208-828-6333

Mountain Home Air Force Base Golf Course, Mountain Home, ID                       208-828-6559

Mountain Home Air Force Base Sagebrush Hotel, Mountain Home, ID                208-828-6451

Nantucket CG Station Temp Rec Housing Facility, Siasconset Beach, MA          508-968-6446

Naples Naval Support Activity Admiral Carney Park., Naples, Italy                39-081-526-1579

Naples Naval Support Activity Carney Golf Course, Naples, Italy                    39-081-526-4296

Naples Naval Support Activity Navy Lodge, Naples, Italy                                   39-81-509-7120

National Naval Medical Center Fisher House, Bethesda, MD                               301-295-5078

NATO Community Club (Lodging Office), Oberammergau, Germany                   49-8-822-9160

Naval and Military Club of London, London, United Kingdom                          44-207-499-5163

Naval and Military Club of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia                           61-39-650-4741

Navy NEX Lodges (Central Worldwide Lodging Reservations)                              800-628-9466

Nellis Air Force Base Golf Course, Las Vegas, NV                                                 702-652-2602

Nellis Air Force Base Lucky Seven Family Camp, Las Vegas, NV                        702-643-3060

Nellis Air Force Base Nellis Inn, Las Vegas, NV                                                     702-643-2710

New London CG Academy Munro Hall Guest Quarters, New London, CT            860-444-8664

New London NSB Goose Run Golf Course, New London, CT                                860-449-3763

New London Naval Submarine Base Marina, New London, CT                              860-694-3164

New London Naval Submarine Base Navy Lodge, Groton, CT                               203-446-1160

New Orleans Naval Air Station Campgrounds, New Orleans, LA                           504-678-3448

New Orleans Naval Air Station Golf Course, New Orleans, LA                              504-678-3453

New Orleans Naval Support Activity Lodging Office, Gretna, LA                          504-678-2220

New Orleans Naval Support Activity Magnolia Shade RV Park, Gretna, LA        504-678-2264

New Orleans Naval Support Activity Navy Lodge, Gretna, LA                              504-366-3266

New Orleans Naval Support Activity RV Park, Gretna, LA                                    504-678-2527

Newport Naval Station Carr Point Recreation Area, Newport, RI                          401-841-1369

Newport Naval Station Marina, Newport, RI                                                           401-841-3282

Newport Naval Education Training Center Navy Lodge, Newport, RI                   401-849-4500

New River Marine Corps Air Station Campgrounds, Jacksonville, NC                  910-450-6578

New River Marine Corps Air Station Lodging Office, Jacksonville, NC                910-450-6621

New Sanno Hotel (AFRC/Navy), Tokyo, Japan                                                    81-33-440-7871

New York Naval Station Navy Lodge, Staten Island, NY                                        718-442-0413

Niagara Falls Air Force Reserve Station Lodging Office, Niagara Falls, NY         716-236-2014

  Norfolk Naval Station Marina, Norfolk, VA                                                           757-444-2918

  Norfolk Naval Station Navy Lodge, Norfolk, VA                                                   804-489-2656

Norfolk Naval Station Sewells Point Golf Course, Norfolk, VA                              757-444-5572

North Island Naval Air Station Campgrounds, San Diego, CA                                619-545-0237

North Island Naval Air Station Fiddlers Cove Marina, San Diego, CA                  619-435-8777

North Island Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, San Diego, CA                                  619-435-0191

North Island Naval Air Station Sea & Air Golf Course, San Diego, CA                 619-545-9658

Northwest Naval Security Group Activity RV Park, Chesapeake, VA                   757-421-8262

Novato Coast Guard Station Temporary Guest Quarters, Novato, CA                  415-506-3130

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Oceana Naval Air Station Aeropines Golf Course, Oceana, VA                             757-433-2866

Offutt Air Force Base Golf Course, Bellevue, NE                                                    402-294-3530

Offutt Air Force Base Offutt Inns, Bellevue, NE                                                      402-294-3671

Onizuka Air Force Station Golf Course, Sunnyvale, CA                                          605-254-2085

Orlando Naval Training Center Lodging Office, Orlando, FL                                  407-646-5614

Orlando Naval Air Station Travel Trailer Park, Orlando, FL                                  407-857-2120

Osan Air Base Golf Course, Suwon City, South Korea                                          DSN 784-6816

Osan Air Base Osan Inn, Suwon City, South Korea                                           82-333-661-5482

Pacific Beach Navy Resort and Conference Center, Pacific Beach, WA                360-276-4414

Panama City Coastal Systems Station Outdoor Recreation & Marina, FL            850-234-4402

Parks Army Reserve Training Center Lodging Office, Dublin, CA                         925-803-5326

Parris Island Marine Corps Station Parris Island Inn, Parris Island, SC                803-525-2976

Patrick Air Force Base Golf Course, Cocoa Beach, FL                                           321-494-7856

Patrick Air Force Base Space Coast Inn, Cocoa Beach, FL                                    321-494-5429

Patuxent River NAS Cedar Point Golf Course, Patuxent River, MD                     301-342-3597

Patuxent River NAS Goose Creek Rec Area, Patuxent River, MD                       301-342-3000

Patuxent River NAS Marina, Patuxent River, MD                                                  301-342-3573

Patuxent River Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Patuxent River, MD                     301-737-2400

Pearl Harbor Ford Island Navy Lodge, Pearl Harbor, HI (Opening in 2002)          800-628-9466

Pearl Harbor Naval Station Marina, Pearl Harbor, HI                                            808-473-0279

Pearl Harbor Naval Station Navy/Marine Golf Course, Pearl Harbor, HI             808-471-0142

Pensacola Naval Air Station Blue Angels Recreation Area, Pensacola, FL           904-452-2000

Pensacola Naval Air Station Golf Course, Pensacola, FL                                        904-452-2454

Pensacola Naval Air Station Lake Fretwell Recreation Area, Pensacola, FL        904-778-5626

Pensacola Naval Air Station Marina, Pensacola, FL                                                850-452-4152

Pensacola Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Pensacola, FL                                        904-456-8676

Pensacola Naval Air Station Oak Grove Trailer Park, Pensacola, FL                    850-452-2535

Petaluma Coast Guard Training Center Guest House, Petaluma, CA                     707-765-7248

Petaluma Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma Lake Area, Petaluma, CA        707-765-5000

Peterson Air Force Base Golf Course, Colorado Springs, CO                                 719-556-4558

Peterson Air Force Base Pikes Peak Lodge, Colorado Springs, CO                       719-556-7851

Philadelphia Naval Station Navy Lodge, Philadelphia, PA                                       215-465-9001

Picatinny Army Arsenal Golf Course, Picatinny, NJ                                                 973-989-2466

Picatinny Army Arsenal Lake Denmark Recreation Area, Picatinny, NJ               973-724-4484

Picatinny Army Arsenal Lodging Office, Picatinny, NJ                                            973-724-8855

Pine Bluff Army Arsenal Lodging Office, Pine Bluff, AR                                         870-540-3008

Pirinclik Air Base Lodging Office, Pirinclik, Turkey                                           90-412-323-3463

Point Betsie Coast Guard Station Recreation Cottages, Grand Haven, MI           616-850-2510

Point Fermin Coast Guard Station Guest Quarters, San Pedro, CA                        310-732-7444

Port Hueneme Naval Construction Seabee Battalion Navy Lodge, CA                  805-985-2624

Point Mugu NAWS Point Mugu John E. Clark Golf Course, CA                            805-989-1110

Point Mugu NAWS Recreation Facility, Point Mugu, CA                                        805-989-1110

Pope Air Force Base Carolina Inn, Fayetteville, NC                                                919-394-4131

Pope Air Force Base Golf Course, Fayetteville, NC                                                910-394-1382

Port Hueneme NCBC Seabee Golf Course, Port Hueneme, CA                             805-982-2620

Portland International Airport (AF Lodging Office), Portland, OR                          503-335-4826

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Portsmouth Naval Medical Center I Fisher House, Portsmouth, VA                      757-399-5461

Portsmouth Naval Medical Center II Fisher House, Portsmouth, VA                     757-953-6889

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Marina, Portsmouth, NH                                             207-438-1583

Presidio of Monterey Army Lodging Office, Monterey, CA                                    831-242-5091

Presidio of Monterey South Lake Tahoe Cabins, Lake Tahoe, CA                        831-242-5506

Pueblo Army Depot Lodging Office, Pueblo, CO                                                      719-549-4147

Quantico Marine Corps CDC RV Park & Campgrounds, Quantico, VA                703-784-3327

Quantico Marine Corps CDC Lunga Park Rec Area, Quantico, VA                       703-784-5270

Quantico Marine Corps CDC The Crossroads Inn, Quantico, VA                          800-965-9511

Ramstein Air Base Golf Course, Ramstein, Germany                                           49-6371-42265

Ramstein Air Base Ramstein Inns, Ramstein, Germany                                       49-6371-42589

Randolph Air Force Base Canyon Lake Rec Area, Canyon Lake, TX                   800-280-3466

Randolph Air Force Base Golf Course, Universal City, TX                                     210-652-4570

Randolph Air Force Base Randolph Inn, Universal City, TX                                   210-652-1844

Rawley Point Coast Guard Cottages, Rawley Point State Park, WI                       920-793-1304

Red River Army Depot Elliott Lake Rec Area, Elliott Lake, TX                            903-334-2254

Red River Army Depot Lodging Office, Texarkana, TX                               210-357-2705x5010

Redstone Army Arsenal Campground, Huntsville, AL                                             205-876-6854

Redstone Army Arsenal Golf Course, Huntsville, AL                                              205-876-6888

Redstone Army Arsenal Lodging Office, Huntsville, AL                                         256-876-5703

Rhein-Main Air Base Aerial Port Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany                             49-69-699-6843

Robins Air Force Base Golf Course, Warner-Robins, GA                                       912-926-4103

Robins Air Force Base Pine Oaks Lodge, Warner-Robins, GA                              912-926-2100

Rock Island Army Arsenal Lodging Office, Rock Island, IL                                   309-782-0833

Rocky Mountain Blue Lodge (Air Force Contracted), Keystone, CO                     877-517-3381

Roosevelt Roads Naval Station Golf Course, San Juan, Puerto Rico                     787-865-4851

Roosevelt Roads Naval Station Marina, San Juan, Puerto Rico                             787-865-3297

Roosevelt Roads Naval Station Navy Lodge, San Juan, Puerto Rico                     809-865-8281

Rota Naval Air Station Jake Dennis Golf Course, Rota, Spain                          34-95-682-2260

Rota Naval Air Station Marina, Rota, Spain                                                        34-95-682-1516

Rota Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Rota, Spain                                                  34-56-82-2078

Royal Air Force Club, London, United Kingdom                                                44-207-499-3456

Royal Canadian Military Institute, Toronto, Canada                                               416-597-0286

San Diego Naval Anti-Submarine Warfare Station Marina, San Diego, CA          619-524-6498

San Diego Naval Medical Center Fisher House, San Diego, CA                            619-532-9055

San Diego Naval Station Admiral Baker Field Campground, San Diego, CA         619-556-5162

San Diego Naval Station Admiral Baker Golf Course, San Diego, CA                   619-556-5162

San Diego Naval Station Campgrounds, San Diego, CA                                          619-556-1011

San Diego Naval Station Fiddler’s Cove RV Park, San Diego, CA                         619-435-8788

San Diego Naval Station Navy Lodge, San Diego, CA                                            619-234-6142

Sasebo Fleet Activities Navy Lodge, Sasebo, Japan                                  81-956-24-6111x3605

SATO (Army/Navy) Travel Europe, Germany                                                    49-800-100-7102

Schofield Barracks Kalakaua Golf Course, Wahiawa, HI                                        808-655-9833

Schofield Barracks Leileihua Golf Course, Waihiawa, HI                                       808-655-4653

Schofield Barracks The Inn at Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa, HI                           800-490-9638

Schofield Barracks Waianae Army Recreation Center, Honolulu, HI                    800-847-6771

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Schweinfurt 280th BSB Bradley Inn, Schweinfurt, Germany                                   49-9721-7940

Scott Air Force Base Family Camping, Belleville, IL                                               618-256-3204

Scott Air Force Base Golf Course, Belleville, IL                                                      618-256-2385

Scott Air Force Base Scott Inn, Belleville, IL                                                           618-256-2045

Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station Golf Course, Seal Beach, CA                         562-430-9913

Selfridge Army National Guard Golf Course, Warren, MI                                      313-463-7744

Selfridge Army National Guard Lodging Office, Warren, MI                                  810-307-4062

Sembach Annex Air Base Lodging Office, Sembach, Germany                          49-6371-45-4920

Seymour-Johnson Air Force Base Golf Course, Goldsboro, NC                             919-722-0395

Seymour-Johnson Air Force Base Lodging Office, Goldsboro, NC                         919-722-0385

Singapore Air Base Sling Inn, Changi, Singapore                                                       65-257-0256

Shades of Green Hotel (AFRC/Army), Lake Buena Vista, FL                                888-593-2242

Shaw Air Force Base Carolina Pines Inn, Sumter, SC                                              803-895-3803

Shaw Air Force Base Golf Course, Sumter, SC                                                        803-895-1399

Sheppard Air Force Base Golf Course, Wichita Falls, TX                                       817-676-2381

Sheppard Air Force Base Lake Texoma Rec Annex, Wichita Falls, TX                 903-523-4613

Sheppard Air Force Base Sheppard Inn, Wichita Falls, TX                                     940-676-1844

Sherwood Point Coast Guard Station Cottages, Sherwood Point, MI                      414-743-3366

Short Stay Navy Outdoor Recreation Area, Moncks Corner, SC                           800-447-2178

Sierra Army Depot Lodging Office, Herlong, CA                                                       30-827-4544

Sigonella Naval Air Station Navy Lodge, Sigonella, Sicily                                 390-95-713-0190

Soldier’, Sailors’, Marines’ & Airman’s Club, New York City, NY                         800-678-8443

Solomons Island Naval Research Center Marina, Solomons, MD                         410-326-4009

Solomons Island Naval Research Center Recreation Area, Solomons, MD          800-628-9230

Southwinds Marina on Lake Amistad, Del Rio, TX                                                  210-775-5971

Spangdahlem Air Base Eiffel Arms Inn, Spangdahlem, Germany                      49-656-5956-500

Spangdahlem Air Base Golf Course, Spangdahlem, Germany                           49-656-561-6821

State Department Citizens Service Help Line                                                           202-647-5225

State Department Travel Hazards Hot Line                                                             888-407-4747

Staten Island Navy Lodge, Gateway National Park, New York, NY                       800-628-9466

Stratton VA Medical Center Fisher House, Albany, NY                                518-462-3311x2800

Stuttgart 6th Area Support Group Golf Course, Stuttgart, Germany                  49-7141-879-151

Stuttgart 6th ASG Hilltop Hotel, Robinson Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany        49-711-896-5270

Stuttgart 6th ASG Kelley Hotel, Kelly Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany          49-711-907-261-123

Stuttgart 6th ASG Panzer Suites, Panzer Kaserne, Stuttgart, Germany                49-711-907260

Stuttgart 6th Area Support Group Swabian Inn, Stuttgart, Germany                       49-711-67840

Sugar Grove Naval Security Group Activity Cabins, Sugar Grove, WV                 304-249-6309

Sung Nam 34th Support Group Golf Course, Yongsan, South Korea                     822-7913-3736

Tasmania Royal Yacht Club, Sandy Bay, Tasmania                                                       2-23-1308

The Army Judge Advocate General School, Charlottesville, VA                             804-972-6334

The Cavalry & Guards Club, London, United Kingdom                                     44-207-499-1261

The Lansdowne Club, London, United Kingdom                                                 44-207-629-7200

The Naval Club, London, United Kingdom                                                          44-207-493-7672

The Sloane Club of London, London, United Kingdom                                       44-207-355-1516

The Stephen’s Green Club, Dublin, Ireland                                                          353-1-677-4744

Thule Air Base Northern Star Inn, Thule, Greenland                                         299-719474-3840

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Tinker Air Force Base Indian Hills Inn, Oklahoma City, OK                                  405-737-1475

Tinker Air Force Base Golf Course, Oklahoma City, OK                                        405-734-2909

Tobyhanna Army Depot Lodging Office, Tobyhanna, PA                                        717-894-8150

Toole Army Depot Lodging Office, Toole, UT                                                          435-833-2124

Townsend Inlet Recreation Facility, Coast Guard Station, Sea Isle City, NJ         609-677-2028

Travis AFB David Grant Medical Center Fisher House, Fairfield, CA                  707-423-7551

Travis Air Force Base Golf Course, Fairfield, CA                                                    940-424-5797

Travis Air Force Base The Westward Inn, Fairfield, CA                                         707-437-4779

Tripler Army Medical Center Fisher House, Honolulu, HI                                      808-433-1291

Tripler Army Medical Center Lodging Office, Honolulu, HI                                   808-839-2336

Tyndall Air Force Base Golf Course, Panama City, FL                                            850-283-4389

Tyndall Air Force Base Sand Dollar Inn, Panama City, FL                                      850-283-4211

Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base Lodging, Twentynine Palms, CA               619-830-5673

Union Club of British Columbia, Victoria, B.C. Canada                                           250-384-1151

United Service Club of Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia                                            61-7-831-4433

United Services Recreation Club, Kowloon, Hong Kong                                        852-2367-0672

U.S. Air Force Academy Farish Recreation Area, Woodland Park, CO                  719-333-7367

U.S. Air Force Academy Golf Course, Colorado Springs, CO                                  719-333-2606

U.S. Air Force Academy Peregrine Pines Camping, Colorado Springs, CO            719-333-4356

U.S. Air Force Academy Rampart Lodge, Colorado Springs, CO                            719-333-4910

U.S. Air Force Academy Rocky Mountain Blue Condos, Keystone, CO                877-517-3381

U.S. Army Military Academy Bull Pond Recreation Area, Newburgh, NY             845-938-4455

U.S. Army Military Academy Lodging Office, Newburgh, NY                                 845-446-1038

U.S. Army Military Academy Round Pond Rec Area, Newburgh, NY                    845-938-2503

Vance Air Force Base Cherokee Lodge, Enid, OK                                                  580-213-7358

Vandenberg Air Force Base Golf Course, Santa Maria, CA                                   805-734-4764

Vandenberg Air Force Base Vandenberg Lodge, Santa Maria, CA                        805-606-1111

Vicenza 22nd ASG Ederle Inn, Ederle Kaserne, Vicenza, Italy                           39-044-451-8034

Victoria Club, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa                                                       27-331-454-405

Victory Services Club (Military Affiliated), London, United Kingdom            44-0171-723-4474

Vilseck 409th AST Kristall Inn, Vilseck, Germany                                             49-966-244-1101

Vogelweh Air Base Annex, Ramstein Inns, Kaiserslautern, Germany           49-06371-45-4290

Walter Reed Army Medical Center Fisher House, Washington, DC                      301-295-7374 

Walter Reed Army Medical Center Lodging Office, Washington, DC                   202-782-4600

Washington Naval District Marina, Washington, DC                                              202-433-2269

Washington Naval District Navy Lodge, Washington, DC                                      202-563-6950

West Chop Coast Guard Lighthouse Rec Hsg Fac, Martha’s Vineyard, MA        508-968-6446

Westover Air Force Reserve Base Flyers Inn, Chicopee, MA                                413-557-2854

West Palm Beach VA Medical Center Fisher House, West Palm Beach, Fl          561-882-7180

Whidbey Island Naval Air Station Golf Course, Oak Harbor, WA                          360-257-6585

Whidbey Island Naval Air Station Lodging Office, Oak Harbor, WA                     360-257-3355

Whidbey Island Naval Air Station Rocky Point RV Park, Oak Harbor, WA          360-257-2434

Whiteman Air Force Base Golf Course, Knobnoster, MO                                       816-687-5572

Whiteman Air Force Base The Whiteman Inn, Knobnoster, MO                            660-687-1844

White Sands Army Missile Range Golf Course, Las Cruces, NM                          505-678-1759

White Sands Army Missile Range Lodging Office, Las Cruces, NM                     505-678-4559

Whiting Field Naval Air Station Golf Course, Whiting Field, Milton, FL                904-623-7348

Wiesbaden 221st BSB American Arms Hotel, Wiesbaden, Germany                  49-61-134-3664

Wilford Hall Medical Center Fisher House, Lackland AFB, TX                             210-292-3000

Willow Grove NAS Lake Laurie Campground, Willow Grove, PA                          215-443-6881

Willow Grove Naval Air Station Lodging Office, Willow Grove, PA                       215-442-5801

Winter Harbor NSGA Recreation Area, Winter Harbor, ME                                 207-963-5534

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Golf Course, Fairborn, OH                                 937-879-5311

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Wright-Patterson Inn, Fairborn, OH                  937-257-3451

Wright-Patterson Air Force Medical Center Fisher House, Fairborn, OH             937-257-0855

Wuerzburg 98th ASG American Guest House, Wuerzburg, Germany                  49-93-170-5820

Yokosuka Fleet Activities Marina, Yokosuka, Japan                                        81-311-743-6410

Yokosuka Fleet Activities Navy Lodge, Yokosuka, Japan                                       81-743-6708

Yokota Air Base Golf Course, Tachikawa City, Japan                                       81-311-754-3426

Yokota Air Base New Kanto Inn, Tachikawa City, Japan                                 81-311-754-2002

Yokota Air Base Tama Hills Golf Course, Tokyo, Japan                                    81-42-374-2811

Yokota Air Base Tama Hills Recreation Center & Hotel, Tokyo, Japan            81-42-377-7009

Yorktown Coast Guard Station Cain Hall Guest Quarters, Yorktown, VA             757-856-2378

Yorktown Coast Guard Station Campgrounds, Yorktown, VA                                 755-856-2279

Yorktown Naval Weapons Station Holly Oaks Golf Course, Yorktown, VA           755-887-4601

Youngstown Air Force Reserve Station Eagle’s Nest Inn, Youngstown, OH          330-609-1268

Yuma Army Proving Ground Lodging Office, Yuma, AZ                                          928-328-2129

Yuma Marine Corps Air Station Dos Rios Inn, Yuma, AZ                          928-269-2262


Commercial Airlines, Car Rental Companies,

Train Tickets, Travel Clubs &Travel Agencies


Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Aer Lingus                                                                                                                   800-223-6537

Aero California                                                                                                            800-237-6225

Air BC                                                                                                                          800-413-1113

Aerolineas Argentinas Airlines                                                                                  800-333-0276

Air Canada                                                                                                                   800-413-1113

Air France                                                                                                                    800-237-2747

Air India                                                                                                                       212-751-6200

Air Jamaica                                                                                                                  800-523-5585

Air New Zealand                                                                                                          800-262-1234

Air Nova                                                                                                                      800-413-1113

Air Pacific                                                                                                                    800-227-4446

Air Wisconsin/UA Express                                                                                         800-241-6522

Aladdin Rental Cars                                                                                                    800-697-1929

Alamo Rental Cars                                                                                                      800-327-9633

Alaska Airlines                                                                                                            800-252-7522

Alitalia Airlines                                                                                                            800-235-9262

All Nippon Airways                                                                                                     800-235-9262

Allstate Rental Cars                                                                                                   800-634-6186

ALM Antillian Airlines                                                                                               800-327-7230

Aloha Airlines                                                                                                              800-367-5250

Aloha Island Air                                                                                                          800-367-5250

America West Airline                                                                                                  800-235-9292

American Airlines/American Eagle                                                                            800-433-7300

Amtrak Railroad (Train Reservations)                                                                      800-872-7245

Ansett Airlines                                                                                                             800-366-1300

Armed Forces Vacation Club (Military Discounts/Acct. #7033-00000)                   800-724-9988

Asiana Airlines                                                                                                            800-227-4262

Atlantic Coast Airlines                                                                                                800-241-6522

Atlantic Southeast Airlines                                                                                         800-221-1212

Austrian Airlines                                                                                                         800-843-0002

Auto Europe                                                                                                                 888-223-5555

Aviacsa Airlines                                                                                                          800-967-5263

Avis Rental Cars                                                                                                         800-321-3712

Bahamasair                                                                                                                  800-222-4262 (Members Only Travel Club)                                                            800-576-1234

British Airways                                                                                                            800-247-9287

Budget Rental Cars                                                                                                    800-527-7000

BWI West Indies Airways                                                                                          800-538-2942

Canadian Airlines International                                                                                 800-426-7000

Canadian Regional Airlines                                                                                        800-426-7000

Cheap Tickets                                                                                                             800-377-1000

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Cheap Seats                                                                                                                 800-451-7200

China Airlines                                                                                                              800-227-5118

ComAir, Inc.                                                                                                                800-221-1212

Continental Airlines/Continental Express                                                                  800-525-0280

Continental Micronesia Airlines                                                                                800-523-3273

Delta Airlines                                                                                                              800-221-1212

DHL Airlines                                                                                                               800-225-5345

Dollar Rental Cars                                                                                                      800-800-4000

El Al Israel Airlines                                                                                                     800-223-6700

Enterprise Rental Cars                                                                                               800-736-8222

ERA Aviation/Helicopters                                                                                          800-866-8394

Europcar (European Car Rentals)                                                                              888-223-5555

Express Airlines                                                                                                          800-225-2525

Federal Express Air                                                                                                    800-463-3339

Frontier Airlines                                                                                                          800-432-1359

Grand Canyon Flights                                                                                                 702-293-1848

Great Lakes Aviation                                                                                                 800-274-0662

Harbor Airlines                                                                                                            800-655-0212

Hawaiian Airlines                                                                                                        800-367-5320

Hawaiian Vacations                                                                                                     800-770-2700

Hertz Rental Cars                                                                                                       800-654-3011

Horizon Air                                                                                                                  800-547-9308

Iberia Airlines                                                                                                              800-772-4642

Information, Tickets & Travel (ITT) (Air Force Contracted)                                   210-652-4406

Iceland Air                                                                                                                   800-223-5500 ( Vacations)                                                            800-320-3445x15

Japan Airlines                                                                                                              800-525-3663

Jet Blue Airlines                                                                                                          800-538-2583

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines                                                                                        800-447-4747

Korean Airlines                                                                                                           800-438-5000

Lan Chile Airlines                                                                                                       800-735-5526

LTU German Airlines                                                                                                 800-888-0200

Lufthansa Airlines                                                                                                       800-645-3880

Martinair Holland                                                                                                       800-627-8462

Mesa Airlines                                                                                                              800-637-2247

Mesaba Aviation                                                                                                         800-225-2525

Mexicana Airlines                                                                                                       800-531-7921

Midwest Express Airlines                                                                                           800-452-2022

National Airlines                                                                                                         888-757-5387

National Rental Cars                                                                                                  800-227-7368

Northwest Airlines                                                                                                      800-225-2525

Off Duty Travelers Advantage (Commercial Business)                                           877-259-2691

Olympic Airlines                                                                                                          800-223-1226

Papillion Airways/Grand Canyon Helicopters                                                           800-528-2418

Philippine Airlines                                                                                                       800-435-9725

Qantas Airlines                                                                                                            800-227-4500

Activity                                                                                                                      Phone Number

Rail Europe (Eurail Passes)                                                                                        877-257-2887

Reece Aleutian Airlines                                                                                              800-544-2248

Renault Euro Drive                                                                                                     800-221-1052

Ryan Air                                                                                                                44-870-1-569-569

Sabena Belgian Airlines                                                                                              800-955-2000

SATO Vacations (Army & Navy Contracted)                                                           877-304-8456

Saudi Arabian Airlines                                                                                                800-472-8342

Scandinavia Airlines                                                                                                      00-221-2350

Sears Rental Cars                                                                                                       800-527-0770

Singapore Airlines                                                                                                       800-742-3333

Skywest Airlines                                                                                                          888-717-9000

South African Airlines                                                                                                 800-722-9675

Southwest Airlines                                                                                                       800-435-9792

Sun Country Airlines                                                                                                   800-359-6786

Super Clubs (Commercial Business/Military Discounts)                                800-467-8737x5678

Swiss Air                                                                                                                      800-221-4750

TACA Airlines                                                                                                             800-535-8780

TAP Air Portugal Airlines                                                                                           800-221-7370

Thai Airways                                                                                                                800-426-5204

Trans World Airlines                                                                                                   800-221-2000

Thrifty Car Rental                                                                                                       800-367-2277

United Airlines                                                                                                             800-241-6522

US Airways                                                                                                                  800-428-4322

Varig Airlines                                                                                                              800-468-2744

Virgin Atlantic Airlines                                                                                               800-862-8621

WestAir Commuter Airlines                                                                                       800-862-8621

Military Space “A” Gateway Travel Locations, DSN/Commercial Telephone Numbers,

Recorded Flight Information Numbers

& E-Mail Addresses


Altus Air Force Base, Altus, OK

Phone:  DSN 866-6428/Commercial 580-481-6428

FAX:  DSN 866-6826/Commercial 580-481-6826

Flight Information Recording: DSN 866-6350/Commercial 580-481-6350



Andersen Air Force Base, Guam

634th AMSS/TRP, Unit 14008, APO AP  96543-4008

Phone:  DSN 366-5135/5165/Commercial 671-366-5165/5135

FAX:  DSN 366-3984/Commercial 671-366-3984

Flight Information Recording: DSN 366-2095/Commercial 671-366-2095



Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, MD

89th APS/TROP, Attn: Space-A Travel Sign Up

1245 Menoher Drive, Andrews Air Force Base, MD  20762

Phone:  DSN 858-1854/3604/Commercial 301-981-1854/3604

FAX:  DSN 858-4241/Commercial 301-981-4241

Flight Information Recording: DSN 858-5851/3527/Commercial 301-981-5851/3527

Toll Free:  1-888-360-8700 - Today’s Schedule; Ext. 23527.  Tomorrows: Ext. 25851



Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport

AMC 437th APS/TRG, 5500 International Blvd., Suite 124, Charleston, SC  29148-0308

Phone:  DSN 312-673-5794/5795/Commercial 843-963-5794/5795

FAX:  DSN 312-673-3845/Commercial 843-963-3845



Aviano Air Base, Aviano, Italy

Detachment 3, AMSG/TROP, Unit 6165, Box 215, APO AE  09601-5000

Phone:  DSN 632-7680/Commercial 39-043406607680

FAX:  DSN 632-7782/Commercial 39-043406607782



Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Baltimore, MD

305th APS/Det 1 (AMC), Box 8613, Baltimore/Washington IAP,

Baltimore, MD  21240-0613

Phone:  DSN 243-6900/Commercial 410-918-6900

FAX:  DSN 243-6932/Commercial 410-918-6932

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 243-6900/Commercial 410-918-6900 or 877-429-4262

Toll Free:  1-877-429-4262



Bangkok, Thailand (Don Muang Airport-BKK)

Headquarters JUSMAGTHAI, Attn: MAC Passenger Office,

7 Sathorn Tai Road, Bangkok, Thailand, APO AP  96456

Phone:  Commercial only 66-2-287-1036, Ext. 166

FAX:  Commercial only 66-2-287-1036, Ext. 167



Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel

OI-A, 621st AMSG (AMC), Unit 7228, Box 7, APO AE  09830-7228

Phone:  Commercial only 972-03-977-4333

FAX:  Commercial only 972-03-972-1989

Email:  Not available


Birmingham Air National Guard, Birmingham, AL

117th Air Refueling Wing (AMC), ANG Passenger Terminal, Birmingham, AL  35217

Phone:  DSN 778-2208/Commercial 205-714-2208

FAX:  DSN 778-2610/Commercial 205-714-2610



Charleston Air Force Base, Charleston, SC

437th APS/TRP, 105 South Bates Street, Bldg. 164, Passenger Terminal

Charleston Air Force Base, SC 29404-5000

Phone:  DSN 312-673-3048/3083/Commercial 843-963-3048/3083

FAX:  DSN 312-673-3060/Commercial 843-963-3060

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 312-673-3082/Commercial 843-963-3082



Charleston International Airport, SC/Atlanta-Hartfield IAP, GA

437th APS/TRG, PO Box 124, 5500 Terminal Blvd., Charleston IAP, SC  29491-0308

Phone:  DSN 673-5794/5795/Commercial 843-963-5794/5795

FAX:  Commercial only 843-566-3845

Flight Information Recording:  Commercial 843-963-5794



Cairo East Air Base, Egypt

OL-B, 621st AMSG, Unit 64901, Box 43, APO AE  09839-4901

Phone: DSN 725-1456/Commercial 20-2-357-3212

FAX:  Commercial only 20-2-279-1290

Note:  To arrive in Cairo East, individuals must have a sponsor stationed in Egypt to escort them off base.  To depart Cairo East, individuals must request a base access letter from the Office of Military Cooperation at the U.S. Embassy at least five days prior to intended departure.



Christchurch, New Zealand

Detachment 13, Air National Guard Operations, PSC 467, Box 214, FPO AP  96531-2000

Phone:  Commercial only 64-3-358-1455

FAX:  Commercial only 64-3-358-1458

Flight Information Recording:  Commercial only 64-3-358-1457



Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, AZ

355th Trans/LGTRA, 4500 South Phoenix St., Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, AZ  85707

Phone:  DSN 228-2322/Commercial 520-228-2322

FAX:  DSN 228-7229/Commercial 520-228-7229

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 228-3641/Commercial 520-228-3641



Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Detachment 1, 630th AMSS/TRO, PSC 466, Box 27, FPO AP  96595-0027

Phone:  DSN 315-370-2745/Commercial

FAX:  DSN only 318-431-4364

Email:  Not available


Diego Garcia

Detachment 1, 630th AMSS/TRO, PSC 1258, Box 27, FPO AP  96595-0027

Phone:  DSN 315-370-2745/Commercial 246-370-2745

FAX:  DSN 315-370-2962/Commercial 246-370-2962



Dover Air Force Base, Dover, DE

436th APS/TROP, 150 Purple Heart Avenue, Dover Air Force Base, DE  19901-5000

Phone:  DSN 312-445-4088/Commercial 302-677-4088

FAX:  DSN 312-445-2953/Commercial 302-677-2953

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 312-445-2854/Commercial 302-677-2854


Online Sign Up: (Click on Space-A Sign Up Link)


Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene, TX

198 2nd Street, Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene, TX  79607

Phone:  DSN 461-4504/Commercial 915-696-4504

FAX:  DSN 461-2943/Commercial 915-696-2943

Email:  Not available


Eglin Air Force Base, Valparaiso, FL

96th Trans Sq/LGTR, 108 Cortese Road, Suite 1, Eglin Air Force Base, FL  32542-5211

Phone:  DSN 872-4757/Commercial 850-882-3332

FAX:  DSN 872-1461/Commercial 850-882-1461

Email:  (POC at present time)


Eielson Air Force Base, Fairbanks, AK

Contract Air Terminal Operations, 1220 Flightline Avenue, Suite 1,

Eielson Air Force Base, AK 99702

Phone:  DSN 377-1854/1250/Commercial 907-377-1854/1250

FAX:  Commercial only 907-377-1862

Email:  Not available


Elmendorf Air Force Base, AK

632nd AMSS/TRP, 15380 Airlifter Drive, Elmendorf Air Force Base, AK  99506-3935

Phone:  DSN 552-8588/4616/Commercial 907-552-8588/4616

FAX:  DSN 552-3996/Commercial 907-552-3996



Fairchild Air Force Base, Spokane, WA

92nd OSS/OSAA, 901 Boston Avenue, Fairchild Air Force Base, WA  99011

Phone (0730-1630:  DSN 312-657-5435/Commercial 509-247-5435

FAX:  DSN 312-657-4909/Commercial 509-247-4909

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 312-657-4636/Commercial 509-247-4636, Ext. 531

Email:  Not available


Fort Worth Naval Air Station, Fort Worth, TX

Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base, Air Terminal Office, Fort Worth, TX  76127

Phone:  DSN 739-6288/Commercial 817-782-6288

FAX:  Commercial only 413-294-6331

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 739-6071/6289/Commercial 817-782-6071/6289

Note:  Space-A sign up is for an individual scheduled flight only



Grand Forks Air Force Base, Grand Forks, ND

Air Field Management, Attn: Space A Travel Sign Up

695 Steen Avenue, Grand Forks Air Force Base, ND 58205-6245

Phone:  DSN 362-4403/Commercial 701-747-4403

FAX:  DSN 362-3169/Commercial 701-747-3109



Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

437th APS OI-A, Air Terminal Operations, Box 351, U.S. Naval Station

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, FPO AE  09508-0006

Phone:  DSN 732-3960 Ext. 6408/6204/6397/Commercial 011-63-99-6409/6204/6397



Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, HI

735th AMS/TRP, 355th Mamiya Avenue, Hickam Air Force Base, HI 96853-5152

Phone:  DSN 449-1515/6833/Commercial 808-449-1515/6833

FAX:  DSN 448-1503/Commercial 808-448-1503

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 449-1854/Commercial 808-449-1854



Incirlik Air Base, Turkey

628th AMSS/TRP, Unit 7100, Box 190, APO AE  09824-0190

Phone:  DSN 676-6424/6425/Commercial 90-322-316-6424/6425

FAX:  DSN 676-3420/Commercial 90-322-316-3420



Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station, Japan

Air Transportation Division, PSC 561, Box 1872, FPO AP  96310-0029

Phone:  DSN 253-5509/Commercial 81-6117-53-5509

FAX:  DSN 253-3301/Commercial 81-6117-53-3301

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 253-1854/Commercial 81-6117-53-1854

Email:  Not available


Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL

Naval Air Station, Air Terminal Office, Jacksonville, FL  32212

Phone:  DSN 942-3956/Commercial 904-542-3956

FAX:  DSN 942-3257/Commercial 904-542-3257

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 942-3825/Commercial 904-542-3825

Email:  Not available


Kadena Air Base, Japan

633rd AMSS/TRP, Unit 5145, APO AP  96368-5145

Phone:  DSN 634-2159/Commercial 81-16-117-34-2159

FAX:  Commercial only 81-16-117-34-4221



Keflavik Naval Air Station, Iceland

Air Terminal Officer, PSC 1003, Box 274, U.S. Naval Air Station, FPO AE  09728-0327

Phone:  DSN 4540-6139/Commercial 354-425-6139

FAX:  Commercial only 354-425-4649


Online Sign Up: 


Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX

Kelly Field Passenger Terminal, 37th TRANS/LGTA

407 South Frank Luke Drive, Suite #4, Kelly Field Annex, TX  78241

Phone:  DSN 945-0953/Commercial 210-925-0953

FAX:  DSN 945-2732/Commercial 210-925-2732                                                               

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 945-1854/8715/Commercial 210-925-1854/8715

Note:  The following will no longer be provided: departure times, arrival times and dates, and Emailing or faxing of schedules.  Information given out will at best be vague.


Online Sign Up: 


Kunsan Air Base, South Korea

CATO-Kunsan Air Base Korea, Unit 2106, APO AP  96264-2106

Phone:  DSN 782-4666/5403/Commercial 82-654-470-4666/5403

FAX:  DSN 782-7550/Commercial 82-654-470-7550



Lajes Air Base, Azores

629th AMSS/TRO, Unit 7795, APO AE  09720

Phone:  DSN 535-3227/Commercial 351-295-577039 or 351-295-540100, Ext.3227

FAX:  Commercial only 351-295-540100, ask operator for extension 5110



Los Angeles Air Force Base, El Segundo, CA

Detachment 1, 60th APS/TRO, 200 World Way, Box 2, Los Angeles, CA  90045-5810

Phone:  DSN 312-833-0714/0716/Commercial 800-756-2640

Toll Free:  1-800-756-2640

FAX:  DSN 312-833-2790/Commercial 310-363-2790

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 310-833-0716/Commercial 1-800-756-2640



Louisville Air National Guard, KY

Space Available Travel, 123rd Aircraft Wing, 1101 Grade Lane, Louisville, KY 40213-2678

Phone:  DSN 989-4450 Ext. 1/Commercial 502-364-9459 Ext. 1

FAX:  DSN 989-4605/Commercial 502-364-9459 Ext. 3

Email:  Not available

Note 1:  Space-A sign up is for an individual flight only

Note 2:  Sign up only permitted in person or by faxing an AMC Form 140

Email:  Not available


MacDill Air Force Base, FL

6th TRANS/GTTA, 7813 Hanger Loop Drive, Rm. 101, Mac Dill Air Force Base, FL  33621

Phone:  DSN 968-2440/2485/Commercial 813-828-2440/2485

FAX:  DSN 968-7844/Commercial 813-828-7844

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 968-2310/Commercial 813-828-2310



Malmstrom Air Force Base, MT

Montana ARG Base (GTF/KGTF), 1940 Airport Court, Great Falls, MT  59403-2228

Phone:  DSN 632-4622/Commercial 406-731-4622

MEDEVAC:  DSN 632-4410/Commercial 406-731-4410

Email:  Not available


March Air Force Base, CA

452nd AMW, March Field Passenger Terminal, Bldg. 265, March ARB, CA  92518

Phone:  DSN 947-2397/3214/Commercial 909-655-2397/3214

FAX:  DSN 947/3887/Commercial 909-655-3887

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 947-2913/Commercial 909-655-2913

Email:  Not available


Maxwell Air Force Base, AL

Maxwell Passenger Terminal, 220 West Ash Street, Montgomery, Al  36112

Phone:  DSN 493-7372/Commercial 334-953-7372

FAX:  DSN 493-6114/Commercial 334-953-6114

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 493-6760/Commercial 334-953-6760

Email:  Not available


McChord Air Force Base, WA

62nd APS/TRP, 1422 Union Avenue, Suite A, McChord Air Force Base, WA  98438-1003

Phone:  DSN 312-982-4270/Commercial 253-512-4270

FAX:  DSN 312-982-3815/Commercial 253-512-3815

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 312-982-4268/Commercial 253-512-4268



McGuire Air Force Base, NJ

305th APS/TRP, 1706 Vandenberg Ave., McGuire Air Force Base, NJ  08641-5507

Phone:  DSN 312-440-3070/Commercial 609-724-3070

FAX:  DSN 312-440-4621/Commercial 609-724-4621

Toll Free Flight Information Recording:  1-800-569-8284, then ask for 754-9950



Mildenhall RAF, United Kingdom

627th AMSS/TRP, Unit 8965, Box 430, APO AE  09459-5430

Phone:  DSN 238-2248/2526/Commercial 44-1638-54-2248/2526

FAX:  DSN 238-2250/Commercial 44-1638-54-2250

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 238-5951/Commercial 44-1638-54-5951


Online Sign Up: 


Misawa Air Base, Japan

AMC CATO Misawa, Unit 5008, Bldg. 944, APO AP  96319-5008

Phone:  DSN 226-2370/2371/Commercial 81-3117-66-2370/2371

FAX:  DSN 226-4455/Commercial 81-311-766-4455

Flight Information (after 1900 local):  DSN 226-4455/Commercial 81-3117-66-4455

Email:  Not available


Nairobi, Kenya

Phone:  Commercial only 254-2-537-800, Ext. 3390

FAX:  Commercial only 254-2-537-810

Email:  Not available


Naples, Italy (Capodichino Airport)

Naval Support Activity, Naples, Italy, Air Terminal Division

PSC 817, Box 3, FPO AE  09622-1200

Phone:  DSN 626-5283/5247/Commercial 39-081-568-5283/5247

FAX:  DSN 626-5259/5499/Commercial 39-081-568-5259/5499



Norfolk Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA

NAV/AMC Terminal, 8449 Air Cargo Road, Naval Air Station, Norfolk, VA  23511-4497

Phone:  DSN 312-564-4118/4148/3947/Commercial 757-444-4118/4148/3947

Toll Free:  1-877-417-1695

FAX:  DSN 312-565-7501/Commercial 757-445-7501



North Island Naval Air Station, San Diego, CA

Naval Air Station, Air Terminal Manager, San Diego, CA

Phone:  DSN 735-9567/Commercial 619-545-9567

FAX:  DSN 735-9532/Commercial 619-545-9532

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 735-8273/8278/Commercial 619-545-8273/8278

Note 1:  Space A sign up is for one specific destination only

Note 2:  Sign up destination can be changed prior to departure via phone or in person



Onsan Air Base, South Korea

631st AMSS/TRP, Unit 2073, APO AP  96278-2073

Phone:  DSN 784-1854/Commercial 82-31-661-1854

FAX:  DSN 784-4897/Commercial 82-31-661-4897

Flight Information Recording (after hours):  DSN 784-1854/Commercial 82-31-661-1854



Patrick Air Force Base, Melbourne, FL

45th TRNS/LGTTA, 930 So. Patrick Drive, Patrick Air Force Base, FL  32925-3437

Phone:  DSN 854-5631/Commercial 321-494-5631

FAX:  Commercial only 321-494-7991

Email:  Not available


Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO

21st LSS/LGTTB, Attn: Space-A Travel Sign-up

122 W. Hamilton Avenue, Bldg. 125, Peterson Air Force Base, CO  80914-1628

Phone:  DSN 834-4521/Commercial 719-556-4521

FAX:  DSN 834-4979/Commercial 719-556-4979

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 834-4707/Commercial 719-556-4707



Pope Air Force Base, Spring Lake, NC

3rd Aerial Port Squadron, Fayetteville, NC  28308

Phone:  DSN 424-6527/Commercial 910-394-6527

FAX:  DSN 424-6526/Commercial 910-394-6526

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 424-6525/Commercial 719-394-6525



Richmond RAAF, Australia

Detachment 1, 635th AMSS, Unit 11028, APO AP  96554-5000

Phone:  Commercial only 61-2-4587-1652

FAX:  Commercial only 61-1-4587-1663

Flight Information Recording:  Commercial only 61-2-4578-3879



Ramstein Air Base, Germany

623rd AMSS/TRO, Unit 3293, Bldg. 2299, APO AE  09040

Phone:  DSN 480-2120/Commercial 49-6371-47-2120

FAX:  Commercial only 49-6371-47-2364

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 480-2433/Commercial 49-6371-47-2433


Online Flight Schedule (Tentative): 


Randolph Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX

Phone:  DSN 487-5287/3725/Commercial 210-652-5287/3725

FAX:  DSN 487-5718/Commercial 210-652-5718

Email:  Not available

Online Sign Up:


Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany

626th AMSS/TRO, Unit 8700, Box 160, APO AE  09097-8770

Phone:  DSN 330-6567/6568/Commercial 49-69-699-6567/6568

FAX:  Commercial only 49-69-699-6309

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 330-7746/Commercial 49-69-699-7746



Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base, Lockbourne, OH

121st ARWOSS/OM, 7370 Minuteman Way, Columbus, OH  43217-9875

Phone:  DSN 950-4595/Commercial 614-492-4595

FAX:  DSN 950-3580/Commercial 614-492-4595

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 950-3143/Commercial 614-492-3143

Email:  Not available

Online Sign Up (Retirees Only): 


Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station, Puerto Rico

U.S. Naval Air Station, Roosevelt Roads, Air Terminal Division (N404)

PSC 1008, Box 3002, APO AA  34051-3002

Phone:  DSN 831-4383/Commercial 787-865-4383

FAX:  DSN 831-3257/Commercial 787-865-3257

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 831-3257/Commercial 787-865-3257

Email:  Not available

Online Sign Up:


Rota Naval Air Station, Spain

Air Terminal Office, PSC 819, Box 7, FPO AE  09645-1500

Phone:  DSN 727-2411/2171/Commercial 34-956-822411/822171

FAX:  DSN 727-1734/Commercial 34-956-821734



Scott Air Force Base, Belleville, IL

375th TRNS/TRO, 511 Hanger Road, Room 203, Scott Air Force Base, IL  62225-1344

Phone:  DSN 576-2014/3017/4042/Commercial 618-256-2014/3017/4042

FAX:  DSN 576-1946/Commercial 618-256-1946

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 576-1854/Commercial 618-256-1854



Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, WA

AMC Seattle Gateway, 17801 Pacific Highway South, Room 6417M

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Seattle, WA  98158

Phone:  DSN 312-982-5555/Commercial 253-512-5555

FAX:  DSN 312-982-5557/Commercial 253-512-5557

Toll Free Flight Information Recording:  1-877-863-1463



Sigonella Naval Air Station, Sicily

Commanding Officer, Attn: Air Terminal Officer, FPO AE  09627-1000

Phone:  DSN 624-5575/5576/Commercial 39-095-86-5575/5576

FAX:  Commercial only 39-095-86-5211



Singapore (RSAF Paya Lebar)

AMC Air Movement Center, FPO AP  96534

Phone:  Commercial only 65-381-3653

FAX:  Commercial only 65-382-3614

Email:  Not available


Souda Bay, Crete

Naval Support Activity, Operations Department, Air Terminal Division,

PSC 814, Box 7, FPO AE  09865-0007

Phone:  DSN 266-1275/1383/Commercial 30-8210-21275/21383

FAX:  DSN 266-1525/Commercial 30-8210-21525

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 266-1387/Commercial 30-8210-21387



Stewart Air National Guard Base, Newburgh, NY

Newburgh, NY  12550

Phone:  DSN 636-2223/Commercial 845-563-2223

FAX:  DSN 636-2228/Commercial 845-563-2228

24 Hour Information Hotline:  DSN 636-2226/Commercial 845-563-2226

Note 1:  Space A sign up is for an individual scheduled flight only

Note 2:  Sign up only permitted in person or by FAX and must be NLT 49 hours before the scheduled passenger show time

Email (Not for Space-A sign up):

Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City, OK

72nd ABW/LGT, Passenger Terminal, Bldg. 268, Tinker Air Force Base, OK  73145

Phone:  DSN 339-4339/4360/Commercial 405-739-4339/4360

FAX:  DSN 339-3826/Commercial 405-739-4360

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 339-4360/Commercial 405-739-4360


Online Sign Up:


Travis Air Force Base, Vacaville, CA

60th APS/TRP, Air Passenger Flight, 90 Ragsdale Rd, Travis Air Force Base,

CA 94535-2941

Phone:  DSN 312-837-5703/5704/Commercial 707-424-5703-5704/Toll Free 800-787-2534

FAX:  DSN 312-837-2048/4021/Commercial 707-424-2048/4021

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 312-837-1854Commercial 707-424-1854


Online Sign Up:


Westover ARB, Holyoke, MA

439th Airlift Wing OG/TRP, Westover Passenger Terminal, Suite #109

Hanger #3, Hanger Avenue, Westover ARB, MA  01022

Phone:  DSN 589-2622/Commercial 413-557-2622

FAX:  DSN 589-3147/Commercial 413-557-3147 (when sending a FAX please indicate “Attn: Space-A Travel Section”)

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 589-2549/Commercial 413-557-2549

Note 1:  Space A sign up is for an individual scheduled flight only

Note 2:  Sign up via phone or in person available Mon-Wed (1000-1200 and 1300-1500)



Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor, WA

Naval Air Station, Air Terminal Office, Oak Harbor, WA  98278

Phone:  DSN 820-2604/2328/Commercial 360-257-2604/2328

FAX:  Not available

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 820-2328/Commercial 360-257-2328

Note:  Space-A sign up for scheduled flights via phone or in person only on a by flight basis

Email (Not for Space-A sign up):


Willow Grove Naval Air Station, Willow Grove, PA

Naval Air Station, Air Terminal Office, Horsham, PA  19090

Phone:  DSN 991-6217/Commercial 215-443-6217

FAX:  DSN 991-6188/Commercial 215-443-6188 (when sending a FAX please indicate “Attn: Air Terminal”)

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 991-6216/Commercial 215-443-6216

Email (Not for Space-A sign up):


Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH

88th Transportation Squadron, Bldg. 206, Area “C”,

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH  45433

Phone:  DSN 787-7741/8549/Commercial 937-257-7741/8549

FAX:  DSN 787-1580/Commercial 937-656-1580

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 787-6235/Commercial 937-257-6235


Online Flight Schedules:


Yokota Air Base, Japan

630th AMSS/TRP, Attn: Space Available, APO AP  96328-5093

Phone:  DSN 225-5661/5662/Commercial 81-3117-55-5661/5662

FAX:  DSN 225-9768/Commercial 81-3117-55-9768

Flight Information Recording:  DSN 225-7111/Commercial 81-3117-55-7111



CONUS Space “A” Activities


Activity                                                                                                                       Phone Number

Charleston International Airport, SC                                                                 803-566-5794/5795

Dulles International Airport, VA                                                                                 800-253-5120

Los Angeles International Airport, CA                                                             310-363-0715/0716

Philadelphia International Airport, PA                                                                        215-897-5644

St. Louis International Airport, MO                                                                  314-263-6269/6262

Alameda NAS, CA                                                                                                       510-263-3346

Altus AFB, OK                                                                                                            405-481-6350

Andrews AFB, MD                                                                                                      301-981-1854

Atlanta NAS, GA                                                                                                          404-919-4903

Barksdale AFB, LA                                                                                                     318-456-3226

Beale AFB, CA                                                                                                            916-634-2002

Beaufort MCAS, SC                                                                                                    803-522-7807

Bergstrom ARB, TX                                                                                                    512-369-2611

Brunswick NAS, ME                                                                                                   207-921-2689

Buckley ANGB, CO                                                                                                    303-340-9662

Cannon AFB, NM                                                                                               505-784-2801/2802

Charleston AFB, SC                                                                                           803-566-3082/3083

Cherry Point MCAS, NC                                                                                             919-466-3225

Columbus AFB, MS                                                                                                     601-434-2861

Corpus Christi NAS, TX                                                                                              512-939-2505

Dallas NAS, TX                                                                                                            214-266-6651

Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ                                                                                             520-228-3641

Dobbins AFB, GA                                                                                                        404-919-4903

Dover AFB, DE                                                                                                  302-677-2854/4088

Dyess AFB, TX                                                                                                   915-696-3108/2158

Edwards AFB, CA                                                                                                       805-277-2222

Eglin AFB, FL                                                                                                              904-882-4757

El Toro MCAS, CA                                                                                   714-726-3936/4687/4431

Fairchild AFB, WA                                                                                                      509-247-5435

Forbes Field, KS                                                                                                 913-862-4558/4557

Fort Worth NAS, TX                                                                                           817-782-5649/7513

Grand Forks AFB,ND                                                                                                701-4409/4410

Grissom AFB, IN                                                                                                317-688-2254/2255

Hanscom AFB, MA                                                                                                     617-377-3333

Hill AFB, UT                                                                                                                801-777-1854

Holloman AFB, NM                                                                                                     475-479-5411

Homestead AFB, FL                                                                                                   305-224-7516

Jacksonville NAS, FL                                                                                                  904-772-2537

Keesler AFB, MS                                                                                               601-377-2120/4538

Kelly AFB, TX                                                                                                             210-925-8714

Key West NAS, FL                                                                                                      305-293-2769

Kirtland AFB, NM                                                                                              505-846-1652/2075

Langley AFB, VA                                                                                                         804-764-4311

Laughlin AFB,TX                                                                                                210-298-5308/5309

Little Rock AFB, AR                                                                                                   510-988-3684

Activity                                                                                                                       Phone Number

Lemoore NAS, CA                                                                                                       209-998-1680

Luke AFB, AZ                                                                                                             602-856-7016

MacDill AFB, FL                                                                                                         813-828-2310

Malmstrom AFB, MT                                                                                                  406-731-2861

March AFB, CA                                                                                                  909-655-2913/2914

Maxwell AFB, AL                                                                                                        334-953-6454

McChord AFB, WA                                                                                                     235-984-5327

McClellan AFB, CA                                                                                           916-643-3944/4105

McConnell AFB, KS                                                                                                    316-652-3701

McGuire AFB, NJ                                                                                                       609-724-3078

Memphis NAS, TN                                                                                             901-872-5331/5332

Minot AFB, ND                                                                                                  701-723-1854/2347

Miramar NAS, CA                                                                                                       619-537-4277

Moffett NAS, CA                                                                                                         415-603-9213

Nellis AFB, NV                                                                                                            702-652-1854

New Orleans NAS, LA                                                                                        504-393-3100/3101

Norfolk NAS, VA                                                                                                         804-444-4148

North Island NAS, CA                                                                                                 619-545-9567

Offutt AFB, NE                                                                                                            402-294-6235

Patrick AFB, FL                                                                                                          407-494-5631

Patuxent River NAS, MD                                                                                            301-826-3656

Pease ANGB, NH                                                                                               603-430-2103/3643

Pensacola NAS, FL                                                                                                      904-452-3311

Peterson AFB, CO                                                                                                      719-556-4521

Plattsburg AFB, NY                                                                                                     518-565-5441

Point Mugu NAS, CA                                                                                         805-989-8521/7305

Pope AFB, NC                                                                                                             910-394-4429

Randolph AFB, TX                                                                                             210-652-1854/3725

Reese AFB, TX                                                                                                  806-885-3105/3106

Rickenbacker AFB, OH                                                                                              614-492-4595

Robins AFB, GA                                                                                                 912-926-3166/4915

Scott AFB, IL                                                                                                      618-256-3017/1854

Seymour Johnson AFB, NC                                                                               919-736-6729/5269

Shaw AFB, SC                                                                                                     803-668-3818/5111

Sheppard AFB, TX                                                                                                       817-676-2180

South Weymouth, MA                                                                                        617-786-2713/2667

Tinker AFB, OK                                                                                                 405-739-4360/4339

Travis AFB, CA                                                                                                           800-787-2534

Tyndall AFB, FL                                                                                                 904-283-4244/4245

Vandenberg AFB, CA                                                                                805-276-7742/7743/1854

Westover AFB, MA                                                                                           413-557-2951/2917

Whidbey Island NAS, WA                                                                                            360-257-2604

Whiteman AFN, MO                                                                                                    816-687-3101

Willow Grove NAS, PA                                                                                       215-443-6216/6217

Wright Patterson AFN, OH                                                                                513-257-6235/7741

Yuma MCAS, AZ                                                                                                         602-341-2729