TAI Photo Archive Gallery 1
Special Thanks to Mr. Melvin Knazze

3 Dan Williamson TA Flight Instructor

4  Cadet going through navigation and bombadeer training

5 B-25 Crew Tuskegee Airfield, 1946
Standing: Luke Weathers, Samuel Curtis, Unknown
Kneeling: Sterling Penn, George Taylor, Unknown


7. TA Pilots Briefing session

9 WIllow Brown, pioneer aviationist, flying in the 1930's

8 1st Lt. Robert L. Martin

(Left 8) 1st Lt. Robert L. Martin, class 44-A assigned to the 100th Fighter Squadron at Romitelli, Italy in June 1944. He flew combat missions of all types and was shot down on his 64th mission strafing the airdrome at Zagreb, Yugoslavia in March 1945. He spent 5 weeks in Yugoslavia with Marshall Tito's Partisans and was returned to duty in Italy in April, 1945. His honors include the Air Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Purple Heart.

10 Chappie James (center) with B-25 Crew

11 Pilot briefing overseas - location unknown