2004-2016 Educational Assistance Program Award Winners

Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. Chicago Chapter
2004-2016 Educational Assistance Program Award Recipients

2004 Winners

1.  Lynnette Banks:  WhitneyM.YoungMagnet School to Howard University1
2.  Joseph Battle:  SouthShoreHigh School to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign1
3.  Anthony Burks:  WhitneyM.YoungMagnet School to St. Louis University1.2
4.  Parris Carter:  WestinghouseCareerAcademy to University of Iowa1
5.  Dominique Covington:   WhitneyM.YoungMagnet School to Xavier University1
6.  Rosalyn Douglass:  Morgan Park High School to University of Miami1
7.  Tiffany Reynolds:  CurieMetropolitanHigh School to Langston University1


2005 Winners

8.    Joshlean Fair:  Morgan Park High School to Alcorn State University1
9.    Dennis Freeman, Jr.:  BestPracticeHigh School to Purdue University1
10.  Ashley Hardaway:  Hyde ParkAcademy to Augustana College1

11.  Jasmine Hicks:  SteinmetzAcademicCenter to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign1
12.  Angel Jacome:  LaneTechCollegePrepHigh School to University of Pennsylvania1
13.  Aaron Rodgers:  Hyde ParkAcademy to Hampton University2,
14.  Dafena Russell:  LaneTechCollegePrepHigh School to DePaul University1
15.  Me’osha Solsberry:  HarlanCommunityAcademicHigh School to University of Minnesota1
16.  James Tolbert, IV:  HomewoodFlossmoorHigh School to Georgia Institute of Technology1
17.  Andrea Williams:  LaneTechCollegePrepHigh School to Dominican University1


2006 Winners

18.  Jocelyn Barnes:  SimeonCareerAcademy to Western Illinois University1
19   Kathryne Gibbs:  Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences to Grand Valley State University1
20.  AlexandriaJordan:  KenwoodAcademy to VirginiaState University1
21.  Joe Palencia:  BenitoJuarezCommunityAcademy to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign2,4
22.  Laura Valdmanis:  PriorLakeHigh School to Hobart and William Smith Colleges1,3


2007 Winners

23.  Darius Ferguson:  MorganParkHigh School to University of Missouri Columbia1
24.  Jaleesha Maury:  Big PictureHigh School to Eastern Illinois University1
25.  Marcus Thomas Jr.:  Hales Franciscan High School to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign1
26.  Zaynaib OLamide Giwa:  Lane Tech High School to University of Illinois Urbana – Champaign1
27.  Adam Addams:  ChicagoMilitaryAcademy Bronzeville to University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign1,2
28.  Nelson German:  Homewood Flossmoor to Florida A&M University1
29.  Kristian Ashley King:  Bogan Computer Tech to Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus, Minneapolis1
30.  Noel Susberry:  MorganParkHigh School to Duke University1
31.  Derrick B. Clifton:  WalterPaytonCollege Prep to LoyolaUniversity Chicago1
32.  Robert H. Bates:  St.IgnatiusCollege Prep to LoyolaUniversity Chicago1
33.  Talia L. Smith:  JohnHopeCollege Prep to Hampton University1
34.  Martin German:  Homewood Flossmoor to Florida A & M University1
35.  Christine M. Weathersby:  Gwendolyn Brooks to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1
36.  Rodrick Grant:  Hirsch Metro to Western Illinois University1


2008 Winners

37.  Lydia Mari Johnson:  West SideHigh SchoolGary to Butler University1
38.  Winford Parker:  West Side High School Gary to Butler University1
39.  Shannon R. Dixon:  West Side High School Gary to Indiana University Bloomington1,3
40.  Kimberly M. Brown:  West SideHigh SchoolGary to IndianaState University3
41.  Asia Danzy:  West SideHigh SchoolGary to IndianaState University1
42.  Joshua Chestang:  Homewood Flossmoor to Howard University2
43.  Nunera Amun:  Harlan Community Academy to Bethune Cookman University3
44.  Ashle Robinson:  Gwendolyn Brooks to University of Missouri Columbia3


2009 Winners

45.  Ana C. Aguilera:  NorthsidePrepHigh School to Boston University1
46.  Shaobo Hou:  AmundsenHigh School to University of Illinois1
47.  Shanice Jones:  JohnHancockHigh School to University of Illinois1
48.  LaTonia T. Porter:  SimeonCareerAcademyHigh School to Western Illinois University1


2010 Winners

49.  Darius-Ahmed Ardison:  Bollingbrook High to IllinoisState University1
50.  James Dunlap:  Whitney Young Magnet School to Northwestern University1, 3
51.  Brittany Greathouse:  Bolingbrook High School to Southern Illinois University1
52.  Jara Jenny:  Walter Payton College Prep to Haverford College Pennsylvania 1
53.  Sade Johnson:  PerspectivesHigh School of Technology to University of Wisconsin1
54.  Torrena Johnson:  MicheleClarkMagnetHigh School to Florida A&M University1
55.  Grace McQueeny:  LaneTechHigh School to Dennison University1
56.  Kenzel Mitchell:  PlainfieldNorthHigh School to Joliet Junior College1
57.  Mariah Newsome:  GwendolynBrooksCollege Prep to DePaul University1
58.  Jasmine Omeke:  WhitneyYoungMagnet School to Harvard University1
59.  Steven Owiredu:  Percy L. Julian High School to Florida A&M University1
60.  Brandon Powell:  SteinmetzAcademicCenter to Northwestern University1
61.  Dasia Skinner:  GwendolynBrooksCollege Prep to DePaul University1
62.  Raven Tillman:  Lincoln ParkHigh School to Boston College1
63.  Roshi Winslow:  GwendolynBrooksCollege Prep to WrightState University1
64.  Wesley Keys3


2011 Winners

65. Meagan Allen:  Neugua Valley High School to Spelman College1
66. Chantel George-Chukwuemeke:  Larkin High School to University of Missouri1
67. Casson Hale:  Bolingbrook High School to Morehouse College1
68. Omara Roberts:  Daniel Hale Williams Prep to Trinity College1
69: David Sprowl:  Bolingbrook High School to Ohio State1
70. Derrick Brandon Williams:  Naperville North High School to Bowdoin College1

2012 Winners

71. Zobia Chunara:  Northside College Prep to Yale University1
72. Imani Hughes: Plainfield East High School to Purdue University1
73. Jada Jamison:  Neuqua Valley High School to Illinois State University1
74. Kendale Jamal Johnson:  Kenwood Academy to Vanderbilt University2
75. Edwardo Villasenior:  Lake View High School to Harold Washington College1
76. Angelina Conway:  Lane Tech High to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville1


2013 Winners

77. Aliyah Abu-Hazeem:  Wells Community Academy to Oberlin College1
78. Twanda Collins:  Daniel Hale Williams Prep to Tuskegee University1
79. Pierce Conway:  Jones College Prep to University of Southern California1
80. Olivia Crawford:  Daniel Hale Williams to Tuskegee University2
81. Sebastian R. Despiau:  Lindblom to Virginia State University Petersburg1
82. Makeda Granger:  Lindblom Math and Science Academy to University of Illinois1
83. De’Andra Hodges:  Bronzeville Scholastic Institute to Talladega College1
84. Stephen King:  Lindblom Math and Science Academy to Southern Illinois University1
85. Ashley Posey:  Kenwood Academy High School to Aurora University, Aurora, IL1
86. Brianna Winfield:  Proviso Math and Science Academy to University of Illinois at Chicago1


2014 Winners

87. Ibrahim Abubakar:  Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign1
88. Devonta Dickey:  Lindblom Math & Science Academy to Denison University1
89. Uriah Pike Brown:  King College Prep High School to DePauw University, Greencastle, IN1
90. Kyle Herbrand:  Sauk Prairie High School to University of Wisconsin – Platteville1
91. Shermee Randolph:  Lindblom Math & Science to University of San Diego1
92. Tyler Smith:  Plainfield South High School to Morehouse University1



2015 Winners

93.   Vincent Lloyd Roofe, II:  Lockport Township High School to Howard University1, 3
94.   Akeem Jamal Kennedy:  King College Prep to University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign 1
95.   Donald Stewart:  Kenwood Academy to University of Missouri 1
96.   Joseph Owusu-Bempah:  King College Prep to Harold Washington College 1
97.   Paulina Rodriguez:  Lincoln Park to University of Illinois Urbana Champaign 1
98.   Marcellus Freeman:  Morgan Park High School to Saint Louis University 2
99.   Brandy Darling: Lindblom Math & Science to Connecticut College 3
100. Makiah Lyons: King College Prep High School to Howard University 3
101. Olivia Crawford:  2013 Winner2 at Chicago State University5
102. Kendale Jamal Johnson:  2012 Winner2 at Vanderbilt University5
103. Najae Williams:  South Shore High School to Hampton University6
104. Raeven Celeste Funnye:  South Shore High School to Jackson State University6


2016 Winners

  1. Justin Williamson: Phillips Academy Andover to Duke University 1,3
  2. Daja Brooks: DRW College Prep to Xavier in LA, Spelman or Cornell
  3. Tavis J. Reed: Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy to Washington University
  4. ?
  5. ?


Legend of Awards

1    Educational Assistance Program Merit Award
2    Andrew Perez Memorial (STEM) Award
3   Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation Scholarship
4   Lonely Eagle Scholarship
5   Ruth Williams Memorial (STEM – Textbooks) Award
6   John Rogers Memorial (South Shore Drill Team) Award
7  USAF Academy HS Award
8  “Red Tails” Aviation (Lewis University) Award

1Winner of an Educational Assistance Program Merit Award
2Winner of a Dr. Andrew S. Perez Award
3Winner of a Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation Scholarship
4Winner of a Lonely Eagle Scholarship

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