SLM Program

The Chicago Chapter of Tuskegee Airmen is seeking funding required to host the recurring 2-week SLM Program described below.

If you are a potential sponsor,  please use the Donor/Sponsor page to reach out to us.

If you are an interested student, please also review the information relating to the ACE Camp as a prerequisite step on the path you are taking in your aviation education journey.


The CDCTAI STEM, Life Skills, & Mentoring (SLM) program will be conducted as a critical prerequisite component of our aviation education, conduit concept.

SLM will be a 2-week in-residence summer program for High School sophomores & juniors. It will provide high quality math & science instruction, along with Life Skills training in a Mentored environment.

Our target audience will be at-risk students who have demonstrated an interest and aptitude in aviation. SLM will provide rigorous coursework, situational awareness discussions, and innovative instructional approaches to prepare them for successful futures. Success in high school and success in college and beyond, require a good academic and emotional foundation. We also believe that success in completing the challenging requirements of aviation education require this type of pre-requisite preparation.

Following SLM, students will be invited to apply for Legacy Flight Academy which culminates in their passing the ground school portion of the FAA pilots exam & soloing an airplane. This prepares successful students for follow-on application to the Tuskegee Next program. This program held at Wheaton College culminates in students earning their wings and private pilots licenses.

Students applicants for SLM will be recruited primarily from the ACE Camp and AeroStars programs and will be held at either Lewis University or Wheaton College both of which are located in the Chicagoland area.